how to cloak affiliate links in emails?

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Hey warriors,

I'm looking for a good way to cloak my affiliate links in my e mails. I know everyone says to use plain text because it is better but im finding it difficult to cloak the affiliate link. I'm also in a non im niche so I think the affiliate links will scare potential customers away therefore i'm looking for a way to cloak the links.

Any suggestions would be much apprechiated.
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    It depends on what email broadcast providor you are using.

    I know Aweber and Getresponse has "click tracking" which automatically "cloaks" the link. It's not really a CLOAK, but the link doesn't look like an affiliate link...which is what you are after it seems.

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    I posted a thread similar to this last week, called "Affiliate Link Cloaker Software".
    There is heaps of info in there. I guess you could search the forum for it.

    Email I got said link is here :

    Hope this helps,

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    Whether autoresponder mask outgoing links or not - you may still cloak/create clean affiliate links with your own domain.
    AFlinker plugin allows you to essentially run your own private URL shortener service, so you may always create link that will actually redirect visitor to your affiliate link. It's clean and you may use it both on the website and in emails or twitter messages.


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      aweber is good in cloaking affiliate links and you can also track them to two in one

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    If your using wordpress, there is a plug in called pretty link that you can make your own extended urls.
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      I've got a slightly different problem. I'm using Affiliate Prophet to track the source of my opt ins and have a different ref code for each of my subscribers. I'm trying to attach the ref code as a tid at the end of the link so I can track in Clickbank.

      When I use Get Response's cloaker, it completely DROPS the tid code. These other solutions that I've seen don't have any kind of custom url support. Any ideas?

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