Here's Why Solo Ads is a Low Quality Traffic Source Now

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Hi guys!

Maybe you would be disagreed with me
But here's what i've found out

Solo ads is a low quality traffic source now
As they have already join into so many different programs

So each day they have got thousands of emails coming in to their inbox

Also, there is a HIGH chance that they have already blocked some affiliate marketers before who tried to inbox them

This is the worst thing of all, because this leads to unable to reach to their inbox for new affiliate marketers

I mean, if they sign up into our list, google will automatically put our emails into their promotional tab as our marketing email is detechted as the similar emails from the marketers who alredy got blocked

It's harder to reach to their inbox

Also, because there are so many people trying to offer them daily, they are more skeptical

I could generate high ticket commissions, but not with solo ads traffic.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading
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    I agree but I'm not going to knock it before I actually try. Of course, it depends on your provider.

    I've heard solo ads from udimi can be good, but of course it depends on their list and how good your offer lines up with their subscribers.

    I've heard that buying clicks under $1 is considered low quality... so by that logic it can be tough if one doesn't have a large budget.

    Personally I'm willing to test the market below and up to $1, but I won't be surprised if say 30 cent clicks are giving me high unsubscribe rates or spam traffic.

    There are marketers selling clicks under $1 that still convert very well. They're just private and finding those people... you've got to know someone who knows someone.

    But I do believe it's still possible. It might not be as easy as it was back in the days.

    But with some work, one can find good providers. It's just going to take work, that's all.
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    I also find solo ads very dangerous.

    On the one hand, it depends extremely on one's own product and that it is "capable" of solo ads, and on the other hand, it depends naturally on the provider.

    I personally think it's a waste of money and I've never achieved anything useful with it.

    Instead of burning your money for it, you should rather donate it.

    The only one who always wins is the solo ad seller himself, the rest is like a kind of gambling.

    I don't know and haven't met a single successful marketer in the last 4 years who is permanently profitable thanks to solo ads.

    The only reason why its still some kind of popular is because people that sell make money online products advertise it in their products as an easy and fast traffic source for these poor newbies who want fast results.
    From Zero To Hero Online:
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    As long as you are receiving real clicks and not bot traffic, solo ads are just as effective as any other source of cold traffic that goes to your page. What happens after they land on your page will actually determine whether one traffic source work or not.

    If we compare the CPCs, yes they can be more expensive in some cases comparing to Facebook or Adwords, but in terms of speed and simplicity, they are ideal for beginners as normally you don't have to create the ads, write ad copy, publish and get your ads approved, test and tweak, etc. And most of the solo ads clicks will be delivered to you within 24 to 36 hours.

    Is it a risky traffic source? Definitely.

    But the same can be said for Facebook, Adwords, Youtube, Tiktok ads, Snapchat ads, etc.

    If you don't have a solid funnel with an irresistible giveaway and an amazing offer, it would be difficult to make ads work.

    Originally Posted by Mabu Map View Post

    Also, because there are so many people trying to offer them daily, they are more skeptical
    Not always true, the lists are always refreshed as solo ad vendors don't send the same emails to the same people at all times. It's a churn and burn business model. Most people will unsubscribe from these solo ads vendors lists and they have to keep on adding new and fresh leads to their lists to be able to deliver the promised clicks to their clients.

    I personally have made money from selling some of my offers through solo ads, and to say solo ads don't work is simply not true.

    Are there better traffic sources out there? Probably.

    But only you will know which traffic source works best for your business and the type of products you're selling.

    The only way you'll find out is when you start testing and tweaking.

    Best of luck
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      Thanks for sharing your thought.

      But if you are a beginner, be extremely carefull with this type of traffic.

      Because you may be able to get one or two sales from that traffic source, but could you get back your RETURN on your INVESTMENT? how many of you in this forum would be able to do that? I guess that is not many

      Also, most of sellers are selling mixed clicks, not SOLO ads clicks - This leads to lack of trust or no trust when you got leads from solo ads traffic

      Best of luck guys
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    The issue with Solo ads is you don't necessarily get to the root of what is causing your customers/clients' pain.

    There are so many methods of marketing affiliate products, you have to find the one that resonates with you. Given you're talking about inboxing, are you most interested in e-mail marketing or is there another form you might consider?

    For example, blogging or Youtube, and so on.
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    It really depends on many factors - how good your offer is, how good the vendor's lists are, is the offer a good fit. Solo ads work for some and then they don't work for some. Like I said it really depends so we can't come to a conclusion.

    There's no magical traffic source in existence. They all work, you just have to make them work.
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    I used to be a huge advocate of solo ads. However, I have to agree with the OP. They are just not as effective as they once were.

    Granted, I have just returned to the IM game after a 2-year hiatus, but I can see how they are not working as well as they once did. I started using solo ads in 2010, before they were actually popular, and I built quite a large list using them. That list delivered thousands of affiliate sales for me.

    Upon returning to IM a few weeks ago, I immediately returned to what I knew: building a list with solo ads. Well, I was very disappointed. While conversion rates for my squeeze pages remained pretty close to what I remember, open and CTR were in the toilet. I mean bad.

    So, it looks like I will have to overcome and adapt and explore new ways to drive traffic to my squeeze pages. This is not a problem, but it does throw a wrench into the works time-wise.
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    Solo ads work if the vendor is reputable and sends your emails to legit lists. Honestly, solo ads are probably one of the worst ways to promote your advertisement. There is even no talk about it!
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    Speaking of solo ads...

    Is anyone else having an issue when trying to pay for solo ads on Udimi using PayPal? My payments are not going through, and so today I decided to contact PayPal and ask why.

    Here is what they said:

    After reviewing the account and transaction details, we found that the attempt to transfer funds is restricted due to security reasons by the system. Our security program considers a variety of factors at each transaction to keep you safe. This is only impacting this specific transaction and it is possible you won't encounter this problem with future transactions.

    In this case, The best option will be to try transferring the funds after 48 hours from now. It is important not to make any attempts for transfer within the next 48 hours.
    So I'm guessing this means that PayPal considers Udimi a security risk as it states they are trying to keep me safe?
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    You are 100% right, solo ads are only good for the guy who is selling it.
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    I have found that solo ads are just as effective , if not more so, than any other form of paid traffic. All paid advertising is risky but solo ads offer direct traffic to your offer whereas Google and Facebook and any other platform are unpredictable. As long as you have an offer that is providing value to the customer, solo ads are an excellent way to get visitors to your offer quickly.

    Try out Microsoft ads vs. solo ads for example. Microsoft's algorithm allows you to pay as little as $10/day. Try paying that for 30 days with Microsoft and at the same time pay $300 for solo ads and see which one produces better results. This also takes into account that you have a proper follow up sequence in place, a good landing page to opt in and above all else an offer that provides value.

    Facebook and Google are just too expensive per click to make any comparison to solo ads. Also a solo ad provider will send you a detailed report about your traffic campaign to show you that you had real visitors. As far as Google campaigns are concerned, apart from seeing the graph of impressions and a few pieces of general information there were a few grey areas to say the least.

    One last word about sales with regard to paid advertising. We all run ads to get a potential customer to click on the link to view the offer. Most of the time the sale does not occur after clicking on the link but rather after the follow up sequence that should be in place within the auto responder.
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