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Okay, I'm probably stating the obvious here, but did you know you can combine social bookmarking and article marketing together into a nice 1/2 marketing combo?

NOTE: You DO NOT want to simply submit all your web pages to your social bookmarking platforms. Not only will this get you banned from many of the social bookmarking sites in a hurry, but it makes you look like your stuck on yourself.


I have been doing bum article marketing for quite some time now. Today, I woke to find another article acceptance Email. This time it was from ArticleBiz.
===> Internet :: 6 Simple Steps To Running A Membership Website (Page 1 of 2)

On the right hand side of the above page I saw the all to familiar social bookmarking options. I decided to actually test out how they work since I already have accounts (that I have been doing nothing with) on all these social bookmarking sites.

I found the process to be relatively painless, very valuable for my growth (if continued) and something that I should have been doing much sooner than now.

[This is an image of me kicking myself in the backside. DOH!]

So... I was wondering. How do you use Social Bookmarking in your own online Internet Marketing campaigns?
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    Funny how sometimes, the obvious can just be staring you right in the face and all of a sudden you see it like it was something new. At least that's what happens to me. The bookmarking buttons were probably always there, but it was just your day to see them.

    Wipe the egg off, just doing that one step takes you beyond a lot of marketers. Good for you.

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    Great post. I personally use social bookmarking to share interesting articles, sites and the like. I am only using a few bookmarks, because there are SO many these days. I perfer Digg, StumbleUpon, the most.

    Thanks for sharing this.
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    The way I use SM is to submit them and watch the google (& others) spiders crawl and index me in a few minutes

    All you have to do is submit your content.
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    get friends on the social networks, it makes your profile look far more real and you will get more votes.
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  • From what I have been studying, one good piece of advice I have distilled from all the hype is to use only a few of the major social bookmarking sites for bookmarking your major stuff, and use oodles of the smaller sites to bookmark your satellite sites, articles that point to your major site, etc. I've seen this called making link juice and it supposedly increases the longevity of your search engine standing. (The pain is in signing up for all those different accounts.)

    This only concerns backlinks for SERP standing, though. Bookmarked links also exist for people to click on, so if you have a really good article or post on a satellite site or something you think will interest a whole lot of people, you should Digg it and try to get it to major attention wherever you can. (I am using the generic "you" which includes myself.)

    Essentially social bookmarking is used for two purposes: (1) increase backlinks, thus improve search engine standing, and (2) drive traffic. So you should use different strategies to enhance each impact depending on what you want to do at the time. That means it is very important to decide what you want to do at the time.

    Also, try to to vary keywords with anchor text, but try to make sure the identical keywords you use are in the meta tags, title, and H1 and H2 tags on the page they point to.

    This is my thinking at this point in time. I admit I may change as I learn more, but this makes the most sense to me right now.

    Know thyself...
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    Thank you to eveyone that has taken the time to reply so far. This good information to be sure.

    Special thanks to Michael. I've never heard a plan for social bookmarking put so simply, and it sounds like a very workable plan.

    What are the thoughts about my addition to this plan.

    Choose 5 article directories, for me that would be sure to includes...

    * EzineArticels
    * SearchWarp
    * Promotion World
    * And a couple others

    Rotate which one you are submitting to your four pillars.

    Again, for me that would likely include...

    * DIGG
    * StumbleUpon
    * Technorati
    * And a couple more

    Side question... what do people think of IGoogle?

    Once you have built those then submit them to the smaller directories. An excellent directory resource is that long list of horizontal icons right here on the Warrior Forum labeled as "Bookmarks".

    Question... once you submit to the smaller directories is it recommended to go back to them on a regular basis and resubmit your already submitted 4 pillars?

    I am looking for people interested in being paid to eat chocolate
    ===> -- Let the healthy chocolate revolution begin.

    Founders of: &

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