How do I know where clicks come from?

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Hi Warriors,

I am about to start promoting my website using different avenues. (email, free classifieds, press releases, etc.)

My question is how do I figure out where clicks are coming from to my website? What analytic is best to tell me where the clicks come from. (free or inexpensive preferably)

Thanks ahead of time.
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    Google Analytics is great, but another option is StatCounter (both are free)
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    agree, I use Google analytics and Google Webmaster tools to track all my sites, betwween the two you can see where your traffic is coming from, how many visitors each day, week, or month, you can see how many backlinks google has credited to your site, the anchor text used, what kw you are actually ranking for as well as the positions in the search, and more.
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    A great tool for web statistics is CLICKY.

    You can monitor one site for free, and if you go PRO then you can add unlimited number of sites to the dashboard. The monitor is live, so you can see how many people are on line at the moment and what are they doing on your site.
    You can see countries, even cities where your clicks come from, what outbound links they clicked, and many, many other statistics.
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    I like google analytics because it's easy to install and setup, and I can set it to show unique visitors only. StatCounter is good too, but to be honest I'm a creature of habit, so I've stuck with Google analytics. Plus I'm in it for Adwords all the time anyway.
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    Google Analytics is a million dollar "FREE" tool created just for tracking. Try it before you spend money on anything else. There are plenty of tracking tools out there - but they cost. Good luck my friend.
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    Thank you to everyone that replied with your suggestions. I'm reading on google analytics and statscounter.

    One more question. Has anyone used both of these tools? If so, can you share the pro's and con's of each?

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    There aren't really any cons to using either of the tools.

    The only thing that kinda sucks about analytics is that it takes a day or so for the tracking to start working. However, it is still BY FAR the best tool available to do what you want done, and it's free!

    Statcounter doesn't really have any cons either. Its free, simple to set up, provides pretty accurate stats, and the tracking starts immediately after placing the code on your site.

    If you are going to run a serious business with your website, I suggest you use Google Analytics.

    I use StatCounter to keep track of all of my "support sites". My main sites are always tracked using Analytics though.
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    Google analytic and webmaster is good as mentioned above, but remember that it is not 100% accurate. From the research I have done, due to javascript involved, they miss about 10-15% of your visitors depending on what country your visitors are coming from.
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      Another one you might try is SiteMeter. I like Google Analytics and SiteCounter...but, some like SiteMeter better.

      I think it comes down to personal preference after trying a few different ones out.

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    I signed up and logged into Google Analytics for the first time last night, it does look immense, and I cant wait until I have some decent traffic to my site so I can start to use it properly
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    GA is great. I use it a lot. In fact, you can tie in your adsense and adwords with GA.
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