How much would you need to be making monthly online before you quit your day job?

by Akshay_Vaswani 12 replies
My target is $1,000 per month. I make half that in my day job in India and only spend the equivalent of $250 so $1k is my personal milestone to reach. I'm a smart guy, quite quick on the uptake if I may say so myself, but it's hard to find much opportunity to make a lot of money here in India unless you were born rich or know the right people. Unfortunately neither apply to me. I've given great ideas to some local businesses about how to increase their revenue, and after making the money they've rewarded me by cheating me out of my rightful agreed-upon remuneration. Opportunities are difficult to come by, but I am determined. By all accounts, the internet levels the playing fields somewhat, and I look forward to start making things happen for myself!
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    $2000/£1000 a week
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    It depends how many hours I have to put into IM on a day-to-day basis. If I can manage my day job as well as IM, then I will do both.

    If I start earning more per hour than my day job then I would quit and put more of my free time into IM.
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    I would have to make what I make now at my current job about $1000 a week
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    For me it's not about HOW MUCH, it's abut CONSISTENCY. I want to count on the income I would 100% get no matter good or bad days.
    But since I'm in the middle of my studies, I'm still doing it as a hobby for some extra cash to support my expensive hobbies

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    Our personal ambitions vary a lot and the goal posts keep changing. It really depends what do you make on your dayjob at present. If you make $10000/ Month on your day job, you need atleast $15000/Month in your business to consider leaving your dayjob.

    I don't think I would leave my dayjob for next 10 or may be 20 years because I love it. I might go parttime, probably work 3 days per week, when I hit $20000 per month in my internet marketing.

    I am hoping to achieve that in 12 months
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    Good luck to you. I have to say your english is very good so you have overcome the number 2 problem of Indian IM'ers(#1 being internet connections that take holidays).

    As a personal answer to that question - $1k/week before I start considering it. So around $4-5k. Of course, if I can do that AND have the stability of a day job at the same time I might just do both.

    I'm just a magpie in a world full of shiny things....

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    I agree with Rob

    Your english is sound and if you are just starting, then you can start making some money by writing articles for others and in the mean while you can learn from others.

    But be consistent and don't delay the articles to keep up the reputation.

    By the way I am Indian too (in UK now)

    and I am always in need of articles...
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    I would have to agree about the consistency. It is no good if you are not consistently earning the money you need.

    Once you reach the level of income at your day job on on a pretty regular basis, set the bar a bit higher until you reach the next level of income you set on a pretty regular basis. Then decide if you you still want to quit.

    Also, be sure that you are reinvesting your profits wisely so that you income grows steadily.

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      There is also a factor we are considering before Hubby leaves his job.

      We want to be debt-free before he leaves, in addition to making $2500-$3000 a month consistently and also having 6-12 months' worth of expenses in reserve.

      This is just our way of doing things. It is not just a matter of a weekly/monthly income for us - we want more milestones accomplished before he gives up his job.
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    It all depends on how much you need to live a comfortable lifestyle.

    Calculate your current monthly burn rate and you should be making at least that consistently on a bad month. It's also smart to have at least 6 months income in the bank before you take the plunge.
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    Make 110% before you even consider thinking about resigning.

    Make at least 150% before you even hand out the resignation form.

    Make 200% by the last day of your work, and enjoy the fruit of your labor
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