Google is rolling out new funding and support programmes for International Small Business Week

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that Google has announced a range of SMB support tools and offers to help small organizations maximize their opportunities to stand out and attract customers online.

First up, Google is offering exclusive discounts on a range of digital tools designed to help SMBs operate more efficiently, reach more people and stay in touch with their customers. They include three months free of Google Workspace, 40% off of a domain from Google Domains, $130 off a Chromebook, and 60 days of Shopify Free and a free Shopify-built store.

While those are going to be some enticing offers for some of you, the only catch is that they're only available to businesses in the US and Canada, and they're only available this week. You can learn more and redeem these offers at Google's Small Business Week mini-site.

In addition to this, Google's also running a new 'Heroes of Small Business' campaign, which aims to recognize the SMBs that go above and beyond for their respective communities. Customers can nominate a small business of their choice, with $10,000 in prize money for the selected companies.

And finally, Google is also looking to provide additional support for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs via a new program in partnership with StartOut, an LGBTQ+ nonprofit organization that helps to facilitate mentorship, access to capital and other business tools.

"Through StartOut's Acceleration Initiative, Google will fund more than 60 scholarships to help Black, Latinx and female identifying LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses."
Small businesses play a critical role in the economy, with 99% of all businesses in the US considered to be in the SMB category. Those smaller operators have also been hit the hardest by the pandemic, with fewer resources and support available to withstand the financial hit that came with the various lockdown and other COVID mitigation measures.

As such, isn't it in all our best interests to be doing all that we can to support smaller businesses, in order to solidify economic strength?

After all, doing so also helps to provide more support for people within our own communities, and provides more avenues for entrepreneurial success, right?
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    Although Google is not a saint of my devotion, good initiative here; also good to drive focus to small business and their importance, consumers must vote with their wallets and I'm definitely doing my part...How can we forget Walmart and other large department stores that were able to stay open while small stores were forced to close in recent years?
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      Why were they forced to close?

      Originally Posted by Artkantos View Post

      while small stores were forced to close in recent years?
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      • I can't speak for all small stores, but most of the businesses I know closed because of ongoing business costs during the pandemic. They had to continue paying rent, electricity, internet, etc even while they were closed for months. Even with e-commerce, they weren't making enough to cover the costs.
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            It's all because of *the measures taken* I think there's a big difference
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    John Jonas answered perfectly, but plus they were literally forced to close during the lockdowns
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    after updates google check content and links if there is issues maybe you are getting issues
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