UK Warriors... accounting - where has this been all my life?

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I've been looking for an accountant, and accounting software and kept running up against "what is PayPal" - doing manual accounting is beginning to get tiresome - so I did a quick google search and found

KashFlow Small Business Accounting Software - Mac and Windows (no aff)

I had a couple of presales queries and called them to clarify a few things and their staff were very knowledgeable.

I believe I have found the solution I need...

It might be worth a look.

Kindest regards,
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    That's a great find Karl.

    The PayPal integration is the bit that could clinch it. Might not use it just now but I'll be keeping it in mind at year end.

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      I've found one drawback, which I'm going to talk to an accountant about - you can only have one default currency. Once I've got today's graphics out of the way, I'm going to have a play around.
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        Could be good.
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          Hi Karl

          The multiple currency thing is often the killer when it comes to choosing accountancy software. Believe me, I've tried them all.

          Now, we use (and love) QuickBooks Professional which supports multiple currency.

          This is our third year of using it and we've no plans to change.



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            I have used for donkey's years SAGE and love it. Simple to use, and I set up one of the bank accounts as PayPal and no problems there. Also you can have many currencies so that isn't a problem.

            I was introduced to it too long ago when a client rang to say they were having a VAT visit the next day and could I check on their books for them. I arrived, to find they have converted everything to sage without a mention to us. Long story short, I asked the guy for all the print-outs and he with a serious look on his face said, "I binned them, because the manual didn't say I needed to keep them." Bangs head on desk, and wonders what the VAT man will say when there are no records to check.

            I then had to learn the system backwards, to go from his consolidated figures back to orignal. It did mean taking the software apart, writing an idiots guide for it, and then finding you could do certain things, they say you can't.

            Did I say I love sage and it is simple to use
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