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Hello All

I just read an interesting article:

It is (in the opinion of the aurthor) a better way to set up blog categories in a way to not only increase engagement and conversions, but to also boost your SEO efforts.

It all sounds logical to me, Has anyone implemented this strategy and what are your thoughts

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    This is a brilliant idea!

    I actually feel a little silly that I never thought about this before. A category was just an organizational tool for easier navigation and that's it. We think about a 1,000 other ways to optimize our website for SEO, marketing, user experience and such. Why not put a little more juice into the actual name of the category?

    The category "Traffic" becomes "Get More Traffic." As the author mentions it is likely a rare thing that a visitor actually clicks on a category but which of those two names has a better chance of getting clicked?

    Thanks for the share.
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    I`ve seen this strategy somewhere but it was about organizing your own agenda or something like that. It makes sense to apply this to blogs, I might try. Thank you for the inspiration!
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