Are you using DuckDuckGo? They'll now block Microsoft trackers

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Earlier this year, security researchers have discovered that DuckDuckGo's mobile browser has been transferring data to Microsoft-owned properties when users visit certain websites. This, of course, is ironic to DuckDuckGo's promise of never tracking users.

The issue stems from the browser's search syndication deal with Microsoft Bing. CEO Gabriel Weinberg dismissed the deal, saying "nothing can provide 100% protection."

However, Weinberg also announced that they're expanding third-party tracker loading protection:

"Raising that standard means maximizing the privacy we offer by default, being transparent about how our privacy protections work, and doing our best to make the Internet less creepy. Recently, I've heard from a number of users and understand that we didn't meet their expectations around one of our browser's web tracking protections. So today we are announcing more privacy and transparency around DuckDuckGo's web tracking protections."
To oversimplify tings, that means the new tracker loading protection will now include Microsoft trackers, and will roll out next week to iOS, Android, and desktop browsers.

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    I do use this browser, so good news (at least now)! But what a hustle with the privacy, it feels a bit 1984ish, always someone or something tracking...
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      1984? Can you elaborate?

      Originally Posted by Artkantos View Post

      I do use this browser, so good news (at least now)! But what a hustle with the privacy, it feels a bit 1984ish, always someone or something tracking...
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        Originally Posted by WF- Enzo View Post


        1984? Can you elaborate?
        1984? I guess you know the book right? I feel like privacy is something that is being more and more hindered or persecuted, for example, yesterday I went to my usual ATM in the street and they changed it, now it is split in 2 and there is the screen to type and put your card and another big screen to record everything, the whole process, it used to be just a camera on the corner of the bank to see if someone is robbed or if someone attacks the building, that makes sense...But what sense has this new measure?

        Alexa, Ring, Roomba, all the data in your PC and mobile, these trackers in all the browsers, using cash is being more and more difficult, smaller quantities, smaller withdrawal or payment limits...Maybe is not happening where you live, but it's definitively happening here
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  • You may even don't know that have been using DDG. You can check it by open Preferences > Search, and look at the box 'Default Search Engine. ' You can also point your mouse at the search box and should see 'Search using DDG.
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    Yeah, a pity DDG is going sour, l tend to use them for legitimate searches, since Google tends to be what they want you to find, instead of actual data.
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    Duckduckgo is the one and only search engine for me!
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