Looking to join a webinar? Here are four proven methods to maximise your marketing efforts

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Martech.org says you can learn how to change the way your work gets done.

It's commonly accepted that some marketers hate "process" and that great ideas can't conform to rigid timelines, workflows, or structures. However, when marketers report spending only 26% of their workweek on the actual marketing job, the way that marketers work needs to change.

Is that you?

What you'll learn:
  • The importance of a marketing system of record.
  • How automating and integrating workflows can enable you to get more done.
  • How enhanced tracking, reporting and analytics can help you to modernize your marketing work.

If so, you can join experts from Adobe and learn how to make sure your marketing work is strategically aligned so that you can transform how work gets accomplished. Click here to register.
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