[Question] Which Product Launch Personally Inspired You as a Marketer?

by Sean Donahoe 2 replies
For years I have closely monitored popular product launches of the top marketers and learned a lot from this close observation. Each marketer has their own unique style and approach to letting us know about thier products and each of us has had our imagination captured and our wallets (or purses) opened.

So what product launch or marketer has inspired you to buy and what product launch inspired you as a marketer for your own promotions?

Personally, Frank Kern and Clayton Makepeace have been 2 people I have been inspired by in recent months and I have used some of their strategies with great success.... how about you?
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    FOr me it was product launch By Jeff Walker. Could have been his easy conversation style and his method of getting his point across. I was buyer after I saw a few of his videos...


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      I have always found that works really well for me too, very conversational and personal with every customer as if they were your only customer. Jeff Walker is a very compelling marketer indeed.
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