Marketers: Choose Your Weapon

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Please Take A Few Seconds To Answer The Following Question, Truthfully And Seriously!

Imagine one-day a heavily enforced worldwide law was created that allowed us as Internet marketers to use only one marketing strategy for the rest of our entire careers.

With this new law in place, each of us being internet marketers have a choice on the strategy we will use.

Once chosen, we must stick to that one strategy for the rest of our lives, being constantly monitored by Government Officials to be sure we don't break the law.

What would be your strategy of choice?

(Can only be one, no combining!)


Article Marketing
Social Bookmarking
2.0 Profile Creating
Pay Per Click

or Any Other That Comes To Mind
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    SEO through articles on my own website/blog. I would just keep working on my own site day after day to build it up into an authority site in my niche.

    So I guess you could consider that article marketing.

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    Only picking one forever would be really hard. I would think that some of these are trends which may fade in their effectiveness over time. Good well planned and executed PPC promoting the right thing can and will likely always make you money. But since you can only pick one method if others think the same thing this could me a drastic increase in the PPC competition and therefore costs. That's my pick but I'm not sure it would work out well.
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    I would choose email broadcasts.

    Jason Anderson
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    I'd also choose list-building.
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