Does Silliness Pull in the Punters?

by Sarah_Lyle 3 replies
Dear Folk,

I've noticed guys and gals on the WF say "Think outside the box or you'll end up living in one..." or soemthing like that .....

So I made the video below to try and inject a little light-hearted wackiness into the world of IM

despite the fact that Guru John Thornhill will probably be sueing my ass off. But whaddya jaded top honchos think?

Will you shoot me down in flames just like jesse james? or do you think its a goer - stupidity I mean?

Thanks for watching!

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    Yes but did you like it?
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    Hi Sarah

    I quite liked it - I think it might be lost on anyone outwith these shores though!



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    Neil, you're a gentleman. Point taken, however I thought John had alot of USA people on his 250,000 (so I've heard!) list!
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