My secret on how to build a list FAST

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This is what you do;

1) Join the War Room
2) Give out something for Free

Of lately there seems to be a flood of FREE stuff in the warroom. When I joined there always use to be some really good stuff and ever since this big promotion to join the war room every day you go there it is free stuff and to get it free you have to join a list.

Some people are even upselling so the warroom is used no to market product rather than providing that extra value it use to.

Next there will be a WSO on how to profit from the war room

just my 2c
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    Originally Posted by theimdude View Post

    every day you go there it is free stuff and to get it free you have to join a list.
    That annoys me, too. I'll grant you that the WR is a great resource to leverage when you are building a list, and that anyone trying to build a list should leverage every resource they have. But if you want to "give back," you don't use that to build a list. That's not giving back.

    The basic roadmap is this.

    1. Give out free stuff just in passing, when you post. Now people care what you have to say. Do this for a month.

    2. Give out something free and wrapped up in a report. People say "hey, he says good stuff, I'll download." Now people know you can wrap up something valuable. Let this go on for a month.

    3. Stick your squeeze page online and offer a bonus for signing up. People say "hey, he wraps up valuable stuff, I'll opt in." And now people know you give a good bonus. Send these people valuable stuff in passing (like your posts in step 1) for a month.

    4. Send your list an offer to buy stuff. People say "hey, I've got a bunch of good free stuff from him, I'll buy some." And now people know you make a good product.

    But nobody wants to take the time. Everyone wants to jump straight in and sell stuff RIGHT NOW. And here's the difference.

    If you give someone some truly free stuff and it sucks, they'll tell you how to make it better.

    If you sell someone a product and it sucks, they'll demand a refund and tell everyone never to buy your products.
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