Semiologic Sold!

by John Rogers 5 replies
Just received the following via email.

As of the 9th September, 2008, Semiologic and Semiologic Pro has been sold to Dr Darrell Ridley and Meaningful Technologies CorporationĀ®.

Denis de Bernardy: Indeed, Darrell made me an offer yesterday to purchase Semiologic, in full. And the offer was high enough for me to not get too emotional about the idea of letting go of my baby. I accepted.

I'm comfortable thinking Semiologic will be very successful under Darrell's guidance. If his hosting company is any indicator, he knows how to get things done, is excellent at marketing and sales, and quite capable at depicting a vision and setting the cap. As a bonus I can readily picture him raining the company's cash onto itself in order to develop it faster -- I would probably have kept underfunding it to a point where excessive growth rates are not sustainable.

Anyway, I'm going to be staying around on a part-time basis in the next couple of months. I'll be training the staff in Panama, for starters, and I'll be delivering input in the background. At the same time, I'll likely be on the other side of the fence. (I'm looking into starting 3 new projects, and the one I'm leaning towards is a web site on ecology.)

Put together, I felt the decision was good for the company, for its customers and for everyone involved. And I feel you've much more future in all of this than if I had remained in charge -- because the ride ahead is going to be a faster paced one.
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    Is this why the semiologic site is down today?

    What is this going to mean...I just bought it a few days ago...should I not use it?

    Martin M.

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      I love Semiologic and Denis, but in all honesty I think this will be a real good thing.
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      I read about this as well.

      Up until the latest version I had paid for & loved Semiologic Pro.

      I have been watching over the past few months and with the little information that I have, I think that Denis made a great point about the sale.

      His opinion seems to suggest that the skills and resources of the new owner will lead to a more consistent and feature rich growth plan than his time can provide.

      I'd remain a loyal customer, I mean, as far as plug and play WP goes...

      I'd recommend it to almost anyone.

      Best of luck to Denis and the lucky new owners.

      coming soon to an internet near you...
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    Nicely done, congratulations to Denis AND to Darrell!
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