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hello fellow warriors,

posted a few questions and got great answers. maybe the most important


so, thats what i am doing, i chose to go down a physical products route with amazon associates.

i am still learning so if any of you check out my signiture link please feel free to comment all help is welcome.

anyway, no i am on my way i am at the traffic stage of my venture.

i have and will continue to use Social bookmarking service. Fast tagging and posting to all major social websites -

my question is

do i just submit the home page(already done)?

or should i submit all product pages too?

also i am using only free traffic for now (will go into ppc when up and running properly) apart from yahoo answers, articles, blog submit sites, rss feed submition, and social bookmarking what other free methods of backlinks/traffic do people use effectivley?
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    I had a little look at your site, you should definitely submit the individual posts/pages to social bookmarking sites in addition to your homepage. It all works together to create link juice Congrats on taking action BTW - that's half the battle.
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      Hi DirkO, I know there are a lot of sites with a black background, so I wouldn't say they don't work for people, but I normally just leave when I see one, because they are so hard for me to read. I would think there are other people my age that have the same problem, so just changing the background color might not add any new visitors, but might keep some on the site longer.

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        First of all the black background is distracting, I would get something light and clean, then about bookmarking this is how I do it:

        If its a new site First submit your sitemap to google,
        Here is the link: Google Webmasters

        Then I would bookmark the homepage on major bookmarking sites, not
        all of them but a few big ones.

        The service I use is Onlywire
        Some how i find it better than social marker..

        The I would wait, it usually takes around 24-48 hours for search engines to crawl my site and index it

        I don't go for bookmarking the main home page once its indexed because bookmarking is about sharing content, isn't it?

        I would rather bookmark my posts which have highly targeted keyword titles, this way i am sharing content, promoting my keywords and it doesn't look like i am out there spamming my own web links..

        i would also bookmark a few related websites now and then so that it looks natural...

        Don't just promote your own websites give some bookmarking love to others as well...

        Usually i would give a 36-48 hour interval between my bookmarks and it works flawlessly, i have never been banned from any social bookmarking account..

        One more thing, doing linking this way is better even when you are trying to build backlinks, this is so because:

        1. to search engines it appears that there is a link from inside a website( the place where you drop your backlink) to inside of another website( your target url), thus it looks natural... and

        2. when they index the keyword you were targeting for in the first place, often times, your home page gets dragged in the listing and you have a chance of double listing...

        hope this helps

        Nothing To See Here..
        Move Along Sir

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          Some good advice given. The black was not pleasant for me either. I would say that until you get something really working- and the advice given already is plenty to do that in my opinion, you are better off to just keep at the one method- there is no point in doing things badly 100 ways- better to do 10 things pretty well.

          Congrats on taking action.
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            sorry to all of you that checked out my site, its the wrong one!!

            that was a previous idea that didnt work out.

            i changed my sig, but forgot to change the link.

            i have sorted it now, so if you want to see the site i am working on click on my sig again (sorry)

            all the advise is good, will submit posts gradually, couldnt sit there for long enough to spam, will concentrate on one post at a time

            ie, commenting, yahoo answers, article, then social submit, then repeat.

            that should keep the submiting far enough apart shouldnt it?
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