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"Content is king."

At least, it is one interpretation of the adage that every website owner follows. However, in the ever-changing environment of content marketing, content distribution is a close second to content creation.

As competition heats up, businesses must engage in successful content marketing by employing multiple content marketing platforms.

How ferocious? This year, 47% of businesses want to expand their content teams.

Here are five tools to consider if you want to take your content to the next level.

Exploding Topics - best for trending content

Brian Dean developed Backlinko and Exploding Topics and has been a trusted resource in content marketing since taking Backlinko from nothing to millions of monthly users.

Since launching his website, Dean has focused on assisting others by providing data on emerging issues before they take off.

Exploding Topics collects data and employs an innovative algorithm to calculate the percentage growth of certain topics of interest.

With this information, you may begin creating content first to obtain a competitive advantage.

BuzzSumo - best for socmed content

BuzzSumo joined the fray in 2013.

Since then, this platform has expanded its service offerings to become a content marketing powerhouse.

BuzzSumo provides services such as content discovery, research, monitoring, and influencer insights. The influencer option might dramatically boost the chances of your content marketing efforts going viral.

By going to the "top sharers" area, you may find influencers who have shared articles that may be related to the themes you've written about and ask them to share your post in order to increase the reach of your material.

Outbrain - best for native content

Outbrain was a pioneer in native content and has a massive market share advantage over competitors.

Outbrain now serves 344 billion monthly content suggestions in more than fifty-five countries. Outbrain does not require a substantial financial commitment to get started.

Set a campaign budget of $20 and a CPC (cost per click) pricing point of 0.03 cents to start a campaign on the Outbrain network.

Patreon - best for content membership

Patreon provides content producers with a premium membership model.

Patrons' monthly contributions have offered a constant opportunity for content creators to deliver great material while making a career.

Patreon, which was founded in 2013, soon became the go-to platform for content producers looking to build a dedicated fan base.

Content creators are divided into numerous categories, including videographers, podcasters, writers, artists, and musicians.

Patreon is the way to go if you are a content producer looking to make a living without launching a blog.

Contently - best for content scheduling

Contently makes it simple to schedule content distribution. You can simply organize times and dates for content distribution across many platforms.

A tool called Storybook use proprietary algorithms to forecast which themes would have the most effect.

Contently also makes SEO recommendations and examines the voice and tone of the material. Access to the premium creative network is one of the most significant advantages offered by Contently.
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    As you mentioned above, Content is king. I agreed with you but I never recommend you any online tool for content spin or writing. Actually, you do not maintain quality with any tool. So write content by yourself or by a content writer.
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      Originally Posted by Ami Kariya View Post

      The most popular Content Marketing Software that is used worldwide

      Is Substack a content marketing software?
      Or just a publishing platform?

      I'm going to look into all these mentioned by OP and those above.

      I publish my newsletter on Substack for free and I've been slowly gaining subscribers over the past 2 years.

      Originally Posted by eva sharma View Post

      Yes, I agree that content is king. But according to my experience, the content which we spin on the content writing tools is not performed well on google.
      In order to rank higher on Google, can you try researching high volume keywords and writing from
      those as inspiration?
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    Content is very much helpful
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    This is great information! Thank you for the detailed post. Content is definitely HUGE. I find myself constantly saving good content and going back to it over and over again, so this is crucial for all businesses.
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    Ok, Got It, This is very informative information.
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    Thank you for sharing this information and your experience!
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    From this post how much important is content marketing nowadays infographic content marketing reach our more than anything . Thank you post, HubSpot more used in India
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    Yes, I agree that content is king. But according to my experience, the content which we spin on the content writing tools is not performed well on google.
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    Thanks for the tips!
    Content plays a very vital role in digital marketing
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    Thank you for the valuable information, this post is nice and very informative.
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    I liked this, i did not even know that these platforms existed so Thank you for writing it up
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  • How to make use of it ?
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    Are there any content marketing techniques that are useful for SEO, as you mention?
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