How can a single Paywall account recognize users across different websites?

by Will66
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We are looking at how a Paywall can be used by multiple publications, but its users would have a single login to the Paywall.

Our goal: when a user creates an account in the Paywall on SiteA and then goes to SiteB, which also uses the Paywall, the user is recognized and would not need to log in. Is this possible using browsers that don't support third-party cookies.

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    Paywall account is a very important question. I need details about my Paywall account.
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    If I understand, you are talking about "federation."

    Federated Identity is a company that provides something along these lines. You may want to check them out.
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    If both sites A and B use the same database, then this is possible without 3rd party cookies, by using the IP address. The issue is, not everyone has a static IP.

    But if these 2 visits are designed to happen back to back, this may not really be an issue.

    The fail safe is to force a login if no IP match is made.

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