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when you are using seo to promote your website, which of the 3 is the best method from your experience?

1) get backlinks to your ezinearticle, which has a link to your squeeze page in the bio box

-google loves ezine so very easy to rank high

-adsense, will be a distraction as it encorages people to leave the page, and
to make things worse, those adsense aren't even yours


2) get backlinnks directly to your squeeze/sales page

-cannot presell to them like writing an article.
-Trying to optimize the sales page with keywords will not be easy like an article

-more clicks to your website, (but not sure if it will get better conversions)


2) get backlinks to your blogpost with a link to your website

-will have distractions from other links, adsense etc (but atleast you have full control of what to put on the site)

-wordpress is easily indexed and ranked in google.
-good to presell and easier to optimize keyword
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    With #1, you're piggy-backing EZA's ability to rank highly very quickly at Google. I often try to get links directly to my articles there, which pushes them up the rankings faster and farther. That's my choice for best of the three.

    #2 is a good strategy for long-term traffic development, of course. Everyone should do that, but the impact won't be nearly as immediate (unless your sales/squeeze page already get love from G like EZA does).

    I never tried #3.

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