50 Page Site Layout, Any Warriors Can Help?

by coreytucker 10 replies
Hey guys! Well I have decided to create a fairly large content site and wanted to have 100% unique information. So I typed up 50 articles in a niche and have added 10 to my site so far.

The problems im having so far are a couple of things.

1. Im hosting a wordpress blog and I do not want all of the 50 links on the sidebar. Yet im not sure how to "safely" remove the sidebar.

2. Should I have a sitemap on my blog?

3. How many links per page should I have? It seems the more pages my readers have access to the lower my affiliate hoplink CTR is.

If any warriors have experience with content sites with many pages I would love to hear how you went about the sites structure. I find that when readers have no where to click but the hoplink my CTR and sales go up.
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    Create one page. From that page create 50 subpages. On the parent page do some html/css table to neatly place the titles of your articles and link to the subpages individually.
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    Thanks Sleaklight, but are you suggesting that I create a page that has a link to all 50 article pages on my site? I put a link to this one page with all the links on it on my main page right?

    Also how do I get rid of the sidebar that wordpress basically "auto creates" for you?
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    Yes, I am suggesting that But make it easy to look at.

    To get rid of the side bar simply disable that widget in thw wordpress design admin panel.
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    thanks but will this have any ill effects on rankings in search engines for each page since all my pages on my site are not linking to each other?
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    my blog is static. Its layed out like a standard website and not a blog. To be honest each page/article I created targets a longtail keyword and some of the topics of the longtail keywords are nearly the same.

    So all though the information is 100% unique on every page some of the pages go over the same content, so visitors would not find some pages of the site useful once they read one of the pages. You know how long tail keywords can be, they can be different but cover the exact same subject.

    I wrote each page in mind for the vistior that finds the page through Google. So basically I want to keep the visitor at the page he/she lands on.

    So I dont really want a sitemap that users can browse if that makes sense. But your saying just link to my sitemap page from the homepage of my site and thats it right? That would be ok for rankings as it would be seen in Googles eyes that all pages link together correct?

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    There is a cool plugin for Wordpress that makes nice sitemaps automatically, it's called dd-sitemap-gen.php. Just search in Google for it.

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    Rob, so your saying that if I do not visibly have my internal pages link to my main site page that they will not rank well in Google? I think I understand what you wrote, but why would this be the reason?

    Are you simply talking about Google having trouble finding my internal pages if they are not linked to my home page? I don't think I fully understand what you are saying perhaps.

    I read it over a few times and the basic jeest I get is if I just have my internal pages in my sitemap link I will not rank each page well in Google for the keyword I target on that page?
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    Also how does not having a sidebar on the site effect the internal "linkjuice?"
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