Best domain name ESCROW service?

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Hi Warriors,
Which domain name escrow and transfer service do you recommend?,, have come up strong in Google searches but I'm wondering if anyone has particular pros/cons on these providers?

(Looking at a $10k domain name sale, so would like to do it safely and with minimum fees.)

Thanks for suggestions and advice.
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    A good friend of mine highly recommends Sedo or Moniker.
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    Pros: INCREDIBLE, fast service. Questions about a transaction in progress are answered super fast. I use them a lot. Very inexpensive.

    Cons: There is a very small chance that you can get scammed by a so-called "buyer". The buyer can claim they never received the domain transfer from you, then it's up to you to prove otherwise. Near impossible to do if the buyer keeps the WHOIS information in your name for a while. I personally have never been scammed in this way, but it's something to be aware of.
    Pros: Probably the most secure way to transfer your domain, because you actually transfer it to SEDO, not the buyer. There is no chance the buyer can claim you never did the transfer.

    Cons: In my experience, Sedo can be painfully slow to complete transactions. Sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks, even a month. Everything stops on the weekend (Sat/Sun).
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    I like Sedo ... had a very fast, secure transaction. Went very smoothly and got paid pretty quickly (within a week).
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    I've only ever used Moniker, but have had very good service from them. The seller transfers the domain to Moniker, and the buyer pays Moniker. Then they verify everything and perform the switch-over.

    Secure and fairly efficient

    One time I used them I think the seller e-mailed off the contract but Moniker didn't register it for some reason. This delayed things by a day since he had to re-email and chase things up, etc, but other than that the service has been very good. (And who knows whether this seller did indeed e-mail the contract off... or whether it was an e-mail issue on someone's end, etc)

    I've heard great things about, though, too.
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