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Hi Gang,

During a webinar,you can open Microsoft notebook, move it to the right side of the presentation screen and resize it using the left click and mouse function.

Then hit F5 for a time and date stamp and activate word wrap under the format button.

Now you have a great canvas to jot notes during the webinar that can easily be accessed when you're applying the training.

I'd appreciate anyone else adding tips to maximize our training time.

Best wishes,

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    Either that or notepad for windows or text edit for mac You can also use screen capture programs like IshowU or camtasia studio to be able to record it and review at a later date. For teleseminars get yourself a phone with speaker phone on it and let it play into garage band for mac or goldwave for windows to review at a later date...

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      I just wanted to say kudos to you for making your first post as a Warrior something that contributes to the IM learning process.

      Too often I see first time posters (or just fairly new Warriors) asking questions in every post...with no intent on giving back. Most of them just want things handed to them. (i.e. What's the best business plan I can follow? Please provide exact details) Thank you for not posting something like this! haha

      By the way, nice little tip for the webinars, I also use my TextEdit function for taking notes.

      Best of luck!

      - Tommy

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        If its a webinar that may get taken down then I'll try and record it - think you can do this with software (like a pro version of realplayer - maybe someone else knows for definite) but just set up the digi-camcorder on a tripod and record whats happening on my laptop.
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