What is ClickBank link theft?

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I'm being told that I need to cloak my ClickBank affiliate links by using redirects or tinyurl.com, I just don't understand why I need to do that.

What exactly is ClickBank link theft?

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    Affiliate hoplinks in Clickbank look like this:

    www. YOUR-AFFILIATE-ID.publisherID.hop.clickbank.net

    If I was a nasty man, I could hijack your link by doing this:

    www. MY-AFFILIATE-ID.publisherID.hop.clickbank.net

    Ergo, I get the commission that should have been yours.

    Does that make sense?

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    in theory, some people will see your hoplink and replace it with their own CB affiliate ID..

    Here's where I think the logic breaks down: As soon as a potential 'hi jacker' see's your link brought them to a CB product, they can dig the product up on CB in a matter of seconds and once again use their own hoplink to purchase..

    I set-up my own redirects on my domain, but only for the purpose of presenting a 'cleaner' looking url. Plus, I can always point those redirects somewhere else in the event I want to change an item that I promote.


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      I believe it's been summarized quite well, already.

      On another point, it looks cleaner on your site as well. Plain affiliate links tend to look crafty. Cloaked ones are cleaner.

      Check the Affiliate Link Cloaker in my sig. There's a demo on the site as well. All you need is a folder and an extra MySQL database. Then you can manage them all from one place.

      Or, do it yourself the free way.

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