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Hi Warriors

When doing your keyword research, long tail or otherwise and you go off to Google and check the competition/number of sites etc, which phrase takes precedence over which, the phrase without quotes or the phrase within quotes? Thanks
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    To search for competition you use the phrase within quotes.

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      Thanks guys, I just kept coming up with these keywords that had very little competition and great searches per month and just wondered...aye!

      One happy lady here, just wish I could find my smileys in here!
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        Hi Jenni,
        1. Search without quotes. This gives you an idea about how many times your words appear together on all pages but not necessarily in your specific order. Ex. google: flat stomach tips: results-393,00
        2. Search with quotes. This gives you the number of pages where the words appear in that specific order. Ex. google: "flat stomach tips" : results 2,960
        3. Beside the search box, click "preferences." Scroll down to "Number of Results" and change to 100. Scroll to bottom of page and click, "Save Preferences." Click "OK" on popup. This takes you back to your search page. Now scroll to the bottom and click on the last page number. For our example this is "3." Now you see "Results 101-168 of 168. This means that there are 168 pages that are optimized for "flat stomach tips."

        Hope this helps.
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