The 2 EBOOKS That Changed My Life

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I've been through alot of internet marketing material in my lifetime.

Even looking back I am amazed at all the courses, membership programs,
Print books, Audio courses, guru email writing courses, guru copywriting courses,
Product Launch Formula's, The most recent course I joined is Eben Pegan's
Ignition Membership. (And who says IM doesn't require an education?)

I said that not to brag, but to say I've been through a whole lot of material,
and while I learned a-lot from many of those courses, There are 2 E-books
that I can honestly say totally shifted my life.

And surprisingly they are the same exact ebook... Money And Power
by Warrior Forums very own Allen Says...

I read that book a few years ago and it totally shifted my life
180 degrees...

Then I just read it again because they gave it for free in the war room.
By the way if you haven't joined that yet what are you waiting for?

Anyways after reading again now, I can honestly tell you that
Allen is probably one of the smartest guys on the planet.

He goes into some really deep stuff that if you really pay attention
will catapult you to your dreams of success faster than any self help
book, "The secret", or anything.

And his marketing advice is exactly what I do down to a
T. This guy is well before his time and really is
a genius.

Just look at the warriorforum... Probably the most positive
place on earth. (Most of the time)

If you haven't read that book. Check it out.

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