Copywriting for free again!!!

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Im a newbie copywriter, but have been commended on some of my work (eBooks, websites ect)

Im looking to build up a portfolio atm, so if you have any small-medium sized copywriting tasks let me know by PM or reply and ill get back to you ASAP

You do not have to pay me unless you want to keep my stuff!!

i understand that it is hard to get into copywriting so heres the deal:

you give me the info on whats to be done. We agree on a fee. ( im trying to be as cheap as possible at the moment!!)

you ONLY pay me if you LOVE what you see, otherwise, no fee nescessary!!

That way you dont need have to deal with the risk of hiring a newbie, and I know if what i write just isnt up to scratch.

PM or reply if interested!!


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