How do you create an exact replica of a website

by Dave Holmes 2 replies
I read about this in Google Cash Detective but have forgotton the specifics would appreciate a reminder.

They talked about a way of creating an exact replica of an affiliate website that you wish to promote on adwords, might be a click bank product. It was a way of direct linking to an affiliate website if there was someone already direct linking on google a work round so to speak.

I think it was called a pixle or something !!...Very late over her I hope I'm making sense and thanks in advance for your help/interest.

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    I have a tool which does exactly it a clone/replica.. with all legal implications which might (or might not) arise from such doings Eg. i would be careful to clone google (the first page) and claim its my own search engine.

    As for pixel...not sure what you mean, might have to do something with commission tracking. On the cloned site you still need to get the commission cookie...and this can be done via some techniques using a "pixel", very simple spoken without going into details now
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    I use a free software called Winhttrack and I use it on my own sites only.

    HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser


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