Any one have developer's license for WP Reviolution or Arthemia?

by Jillian Slack 5 replies
Just wondering if any of our members have a developer's license for WordPress Revolution or Arthemia themes.

I've liked Revolution for a while, and today I found Arthemia, which looks cool, too.
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    I have a Delelopers license to all Revolution Themes.

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      I have a developers license for Revolution too - love it!
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    There's a free lite version of Arthemia here.
    Arthemia: Wordpress Magazine Theme Released - Jubel and The Unessentials

    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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      I saw the free version of Arthemia, but it looks like it doesn't have the features that make ARthemia cool.

      Here's a question for you Revolution people. Does Revolution have a feature comparable to Arthemia's auto thumbnail? And, if not, would it take extra steps for a non-graphic designer person to do this?

      Arthemia's features:

      Auto-Thumbnail your old posts

      Forget the time-consuming thumbnail generation with Photoshop, forget Wordpress Post Custom Fields. Thumbnails across the theme will be assigned and generated automatically as requested, for every image sizes. You don’t need to spend your valuable time creating the thumbnail images but purely focus to your website content. Both automatic and via-custom-field assignment are available.

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        I'm a reseller of the Revolution theme and still fairly new to using it though I am 99% certain that cool thumbnail feature isn't present.

        I'm currently using the One Theme on my blog and it does take time creating those images, getting them right etc, which is why I've omitted from having them on the front page for my teaser posts.

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