What makes a good Business Card?

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Hey guys,

I am doing some offline work at the moment and i'm refreshing my straight forward black background with white text business card with something about more .. refreshed.

For this offline work i will be doing PR/Marketing with some members nightclubs and i am looking for some ideas of how i could make my business card stand out from the rest.

If you have any ideas please let me hear


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    Here you go!

    The biggest tip I can give you is to make sure there is some kind of call to action on your card to request a free report etc.
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      The Recon Report
      Reliable Results, Predictable Profits
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      Originally Posted by mrmatt View Post

      You know what happens to those quirky cards that aren't meant to go into a Rolodex? You admire them for a minute and then, when you get back to the office, since they can't fit into your Rolodex, you toss them into a drawer where you'll never see it again until months later when you're cleaning out the drawer. Then, you'll pick it up, say "Oh, that was neat" and toss it in the trash.

      You want to stand out from the crowd, but not in such a way that your card becomes an obstacle for the recipient, which will often overpower a call to action.

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        That video is hilarious. That guy is so full of himself but he it's true most cards are crap. Having cards are great but they don't earn you income. Building your brand online and having online presence should be enough. Many very successful people don't even have business cards because with true success people will seek you out. So having said that I guess we should all get busy.

        Seriously though a triangular shaped card or odd size business card with raised lettering and the use of of colors, and quality stock should help. If they don't help brand you in the eyes of your clients then at least you'll feel good about yourself?!

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        LOL that card in the video looks like a CD cover... If you can write some decent copy, on some sweet "normal size stock" you'll get much better results.
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      Originally Posted by mrmatt View Post

      Here you go!

      YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.

      The biggest tip I can give you is to make sure there is some kind of call to action on your card to request a free report etc.
      I was thinking this myself.


      Learn how to make videos that sell. Special $1 Offer for Warriors Only.


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      Originally Posted by mrmatt View Post

      Here you go!
      I saw that dude at the Midwest Super Conference in September. He was a trip. He had his "famous" business card and went through that same shtick. He asked for business cards from people in the audience then ripped on them. :-)

      I recorded him with his business card and chewing on another persons used gum:

      I would agree...have a call to action. Don't worry about CEO or fancy titles that don't mean crap.
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      Wow! Food for thought! Just getting ready to re-do my cards. LOL ... Feeling like a loser after that video LOL ... LOL ... but I'll put more thought into my call to action and the card itself. Thanks for posting that. *SmiLes* Suzanne
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      Trot down to your local library and check out, "The Non-Designer's Design Book, 2nd Ed." Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice, by Robin Williams.

      It is a great resource for those of us a bit short on design genes. In addition to business card design it covers brochure, flyer, newsletter design and layout.

      If your local library doesn't have it try an inter-library loan or your local book store. You will pick up enough ideas in a few minutes leafing through the book to make the time extremely well-spent.

      Seriously consider adding it to your personal marketing library.

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    Here's some inspiration for you.

    100 (Really) Creative Business Cards | Webdesigner Depot

    Taking a break...
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    damn williams you beat me to it

    signature goes here

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