$4000 by Februrary 10, 2010

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I was thinking of making a thread here since past month but could not because you people are just too perfect. So was feeling a little awkward about creating a noob thread. I was on DP earlier but started trolling here 2 months ago and found people here too helpful. So keeping my awkwardness aside, I decided to start this thread and just saw one more similar time duration thread here but his target was $150k. So can I continue with this thread, that is if you guys don't mind reading one more 'I want to earn' thread and helping this guy a little.

Goal: $4k by February 10, 2010.

No no its not for my girlfriend . Its for my parents. February 13th is my parents' marriage anniversary and I want to send them to Paris. I know sounds big but I really want to. Really really. They have done so much for me and its my turn now. Can manage sleepless nights till then if you guys help me along my way.

Funds: Well, I have $3 in my paypal account. I know its too less or rather its nothing but thats all I have. I currently own 2 .info domains, a clickbank account and an adsense account. I have $10 in adsense and nothing in clickbank. I have been trying affiliate marketing since a month but it just is not working for me, thus this thread. I can buy two more .info domains and thats it. I can't buy traffic, aweber account, SEnuke, MS or any software. I will invest after I start making sales. Can't really ask parents for money because its not mine. I know this seems hard but I know I can do it. Need a little guidance.

Am doing article marketing and redirecting my domains. I know redirecting is a bad idea but was trying + I don't exactly know how to make good landing pages. Total noob, I know.

So, I want to earn $4k by February and currently I just have $3. Possible? So if you guys don't mind, can I post my progress here? Also, can I post my article directories accounts and you guys check my articles and see whats wrong, only if you have time. Also few ideas and tips would be great.

Thank you.
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    Congratulations on setting a goal! You can't get anywhere if you don't know where you want to go!

    The best part of your goal is that it's actually do-able! Now, you just need persistence!

    If you can afford it, I recommend upgrading to the War Room as well. Think of the $37 as your tuition to Internet Marketing College. The War Room is full of GREAT information that will help educate you about the business. I know you said you only had $3, but as soon as you can afford the upgrade, you should do it!

    I'm sure you are going to get tons of support from the Warriors. They all love when someone actually takes the time to post a public goal.

    Good luck,

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    A good idea I have got for you,

    Do something by being a middle man , Find lots of designers who designs for quite cheap. But their work should be awesomeish. Then, you have to find clients, Ask them for $250 per web design, they give you. You just pay $150 to the designer, that's $100 profit.

    Also a couple of ideas would be,

    Write articles, and,
    Learn photoshop

    Like they say, if there is a will, there is a way.

    I hope this helped and I appreciate you for setting the goal as it's the most important part.

    Just a random guy. Learning Ruby On Rails at the moment.

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    Thanks for quick response.

    Akky - The middle man thing scares me a little. I tried this in directory submission. I was offering service and asking other guy who owned a team to submit sites for people. He said his reputation was good and it seemed too but when I started redirecting my customers to him, they had complains. Never tried after that.

    Jaideep and others - Please check my articlebase profiles and comment on the articles. I know they are awful but then any tips about how to improve it would be great. I have one account and two additional pen names.

    Abhinav Sharma
    Chris Mark

    [Edit: Doesn't let me post link. Please search.]

    Combining them I have total 10 articles | 180 views | no sales on clickbank

    Jay - Yea the first think I will do if I make a sale is to join war room.

    Thank you.
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