Banned from FaceBook - What do I do now?

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I need some advice on how to proceed please.

On October 20 I received the following mail from FaceBook:

Kianawi sent you a message.

Re: [NOT SPAM !] You have been detected doing illegal chips transfer in our system!

"no, i dont do illegal chips transfer, your system maybe wrong, recheck to your system please."
I checked to see if I could get into FaceBook via my own link (not the link in the email) only to receive the following notification:

Account Disabled

Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.
Since I hadn't a clue what they were talking about, I sent the following mail:

I have just received a mail (see below). I think there has been some kind of error - I don't know what "chips" are, let alone doing an illegal transfer of them. Also the quote below seems to show that I apparently responded to some kind of notification related to these illegal chips. Whoever it was, it most definitely was not me.

Please advise. I am very confused.
I did include my log-in email address and my date of birth. I received an automated response saying they would get back to me, needless to say, the didn't. After about 10 days, I sent them another email as follows:

I am just following up on my previous response to your mail re "illegal chips transfer" of 10 days ago (see below).

A friend mentioned that Facebook apparently has a gambling section and the "chips" may be related to this. I do not gamble and am not a member of your gambling club. Also I notice that the comment you refer to... "no, i dont do illegal chips transfer, your system maybe wrong, recheck to your system please"... has been written in very poor english indicating that the quoted text was probably written by a non english speaking person.

After discussion with several internet marketing acquaintances, I now believe that it is possible that my facebook account was hacked, though how it could have happened I have no idea. Alternatively, my facebook account has somehow been confused with that of someone else.

Please be kind enough to re-instate my account along with a new password.

I appreciate your assistance in this matter
Needless to say, I did not even get an automated response to my second mail. I did include all previous mails.

In total, more than a month has now gone past. What do I do now?


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