Why are brands finding it harder to succeed on Instagram?

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It makes me more customers, but I still have to ask myself this question. Here is my reasoning:

It has become more complicated to make a place on Instagram for brands. More than 600,000 self-businesses were created in 2022 In France! Among them, digital brands (with ideas in their heads and dreams of becoming their own boss) will fail to break through on Instagram given the competition and exorbitant price for profitable advertising.

These companies do not necessarily have the initial budget to advertise (not yet profitable since content would have to be created and tested) let alone influence advertising.

Before even having time to see her baby grow up, a large part of them find themselves forced to close shop and re-test something else... Maybe!

How do you create a community and monetize it by losing as little money as possible in advertising and focusing instead on improving its product/service?

Any ideas?

Solenn (Frenchy)
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    Did you plainly assume these digital brands failed to break through on IG? Or do you have stats or something?
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      Absolutely, I am talking about some of them that stopped their business because thay could no more continue on Instagram.
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        Seems to me like the issue would be the companies, not Instagram.

        Or, else, they looked at where their ad money was working best and dropped the places where they were not getting good returns.

        Originally Posted by Solenn Hoyek View Post

        Absolutely, I am talking about some of them that stopped their business because thay could no more continue on Instagram.
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    If the plan was to succeed with Instagram or don't succeed at all then that was a bad plan from the start. They failed before they started.

    As far as your question " How do you create a community and monetize it by losing as little money as possible in advertising?"

    The goal should not be to lose as little money as possible. The goal should be to profit from the advertising and tweaking until that happens. But in the beginning maybe you can look at it as spending as little as possible until you are in profit . I think hat sounds better than lose as little as possible

    You don't have to fail with Instagram though .setting a realistic timeline for free traffic is important if that is the route you want to take. You either pay for advertising and tweak until you become profitable through trial and error or you give yourself a few years to have the snowball effect of free marketing.

    That takes time and patience.

    Having a well thought out business plan would help. It cannot be left to chance or coincidence. There is so much involved.

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    Indeed ! Little money as possible till you have prove that people like your product..
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      Originally Posted by Solenn Hoyek View Post

      Indeed ! Little money as possible till you have prove that people like your product..

      then you have to go the free traffic route and invest your time to build your following which is absolutely possible if you stay consistent
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    I think it's would depends upon the nature of business targeting over the Instagram not every business can take advantage from it .
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      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I agree with you, not every business may find it suitable or effective, but for those that do, it can be a powerful tool to reach and engage with customers.

      I agree with you
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    Time and consistency is the key here. You can't be in a rush to build a brand. If you continue to create engaging content, post regularly, and learn from you're target audience, you'll create the community/organic traffic you want. You'll spend less money, but the trade off is you'll have to put in more time.
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  • I think the first thing brands have to ask themselves before they jump into Instagram is to check whether or not their audience is actually on Instagram and what that audience uses Instagram for. If your audience isn't there or you're not sure if IG can influence your target market's purchase decisions, I don't see the point in creating an account.
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    Post relevant or quality pictures or videos. you should use proper hashtags with them that relate to your business so your audience can reach your content easily.
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    Which is the primary objective of growth hacking?
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    Well, as IG is images based social media app, & the audience loves to follow unique, catchy & well-developed content which can attract them. Well-researched and humorous content always gets the audience's attention.
    Business doesn't need to post simple product or service posts just for marketing purposes but they should be linked to society and social life & share content which link the company with society.

    HD images, well developed social media resources like media, videos, etc are more important.
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    Instagram is an exquisite platform to market your brand and succeed in your chosen niche market. Every entrepreneur need to continue to improve on the products or services to grow their business and work more on making the brand (product or services) sustainable by also advertising the brand.
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    I find using Growth Hacking solutions like Conversational AI helps mitigate growth limits. Tried one last week and our client's account grew by 3x in 5 days.
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    Have you tried growing your audience on some other platforms like TikTok?
    It is much easier to get attention there and if you go viral in any sense you can tell your TikTok Audience to follow you on Instagram.
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    Why i think a lot of brands and indvidual sole traders or affiliate marketers anyone that has some type of online business are not succeeding it just seems to me everyone is doing the exact same thing.

    They post their image or content on instagram hoping to make a quick sale, the keyword hoping they can they method that works is standing out from among the crowd and giving some sort of value to any customer u might get.

    i believe when you do this they think that you care and when you get to know your customer you will find out what their real needs are, so in time when you promote a product its not just a pitch they feel thats something they think i need and will really help me, so the real answer everyone is doing the same thing and it dosent work and giving value does.

    Lets build a online business by giving value and learning how to build a email list

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      Yep, and people get fed with same over same over same day after day. But pretty much all brands do the same post with a new item every day hoping it brings in traffic(it won't).
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