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I created a subdomain at hostgator to install a wordpress blog/site and proceeded to ftp my wordpress install to the subdomain while it propagated. Here's my problem...

In the subdomain I've got (folder) cgi-bin and (folder) wordpress. What I need is the wordpress install IN THE SUBDOMAIN instead of a folder. Not /public_htm/subdomain/wordpress. I need all the wordpress files in the subdomain instead of a separate folder under it.

I've already added some posts/pages or I'd just re-install it with FTP. Is there any easy way of moving the WordPress files "up one level"?

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    Steve, moving the files is easy using your FTP client. Try highlighting all the files in the wordpress folder, then right click, and you will likely see an option to move those files. Just move them up one directory.

    If you want to keep your posts and pages, then it's more work for you. Moving the files will screw things up in the database. You can do it if you want, and you can find step-by-step instructions on wordpress's support site.

    I would reinstall it fresh... move the files before setting up the blog... and then re-add the posts.
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    If there's a lot of content, I'd re-install WordPress where I really wanted it (uploading any altered files via FTP too), export the database from the first installation to a file, run a 'find and replace' on the database file to change the URL and then, after dropping the database tables on the second installation, import the edited database from the first. Then I'd delete the first installation. It's a lot less convoluted than it sounds, doesn't take all that long and is something that I do often under different circumstances.

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