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I'm trying to create an affiliate program where affiliates can use one link to promote 5 products. The idea is to allow affiliates to promote Product A and then when customers click links to cross promoted products within product A, they still get paid a commission.

This is not posible when I use JVZoo's sales funnel. The affiliate will not get paid for sales of products promoted within a product as I understand it.

Is there any software or platform that allows me to do this? Use one link, get paid for all purchases made by customer no matter where and how they occur.

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    the only thing I can think of right now is that you create this marketing system yourself. that means for example that you make a landing page and then offer different products on the bridge page, which the affiliates then have to buy in order to promote them themselves with the help of your marketing system.
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    Thanks TobiMMD.

    I reckon I'll use JVZoo's JV Contract feature. Not the most elegant solution, but it goes a long way in helping to pay select affiliates for products cross promoted within other products.

    I wonder how Dr Glenn Livingston does it though. If you give away his free video, you get paid commissions on a whole range of products cross promoted in other products and emails even when sales occur months or years later. Maybe I should ask him...

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      wouldn't that be because of the funnel he's using?
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    Yes, it sounds like he might be using an advanced tracking technology or something like that..
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    After laborious research here's what I've finally discovered.

    If you are using JVZoo, the easiest way to do it is simply to get an affiliate approved for all the products you plan to offer. Then even when a product is cross promoted within another product, the affiliate still gets paid. The affiliate cookies do not expire. In JVZoo's own words:

    "There is no expiration on cookies set by an affiliate when using a JVZoo approved affiliate link. If you have multiple products and the affiliate is approved for all of them then the affiliate will get credit for the sale.

    Even if the customer doesn't click that specific link, the cookie has already been set for the affiliate, and will remain set for all approved products until the customer clears their cookies or clicks on another affiliate's link."

    And on that note, I'm out for a celebratory drink.

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    Hello, how are all of you doing?

    If I am not mistaken yes the landing page with the bridge page as I have created those 2 pages and it works great..... You can try it out and see how that works, if not Google Search your same question and see what results you get if it tells you how to do it..... That's a great concept by the way using just 1 link to promote 5 products technology today is great!
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      Since both you and TobiMMD recommend the bridge page, I'll try that and see how it works. I'm using jvzoo's approved affiliate link solution as espoused above. But you can't have too many weapons in your arsenal!

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    These types of systems are all over the internet. Where you can promote One Link and Get Paid from multiple sources. You can also build this type of system yourself through Funnel Building. Building your own funnel and placing the different sources of income within it. The key is having successful sources of income inside the funnel that really work and people are willing to buy into it. Just have to do a little research ...but they are definitely out there. Multiple Streams of income affiliate programs.
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    Check out something like Cake and see if they have such built into their system.
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    Nice post thanks for it. save with blogs
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    It's called an offer rotator. You'd need to deploy it to a web server of your own. I wrote this for you. You're welcome.

    function rotate_links($links_array) {
    // Get a random index from the array
    $random_index = array_rand($links_array);

    // Get the link at the random index
    $random_link = $links_array[$random_index];

    // Return the link
    return $random_link;

    // Define an array of links
    $links = array(

    // Call the rotate_links function to get a random link
    $random_link = rotate_links($links);

    // Output the random link
    echo $random_link;

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      Zephyrlon, I have no idea what that means. I'll thank you assuming it's useful when I do figure it out.

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