What tools are you lacking?

by Ondre
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Hey warriors,
I see many tools there now, but honestly, I'm tired of them - they're very much alike but at the moment they have functions that other tools do not have. For example, Canva is good for image editing but it is one of the worst video editors I've ever used. Or, say, RenderForest - it's cool for some types of animations but it doesn't give you the freedom to edit videos as you wish (of course, each tool is designed for some special purposes, I'm just talking... globally, so to speak).
So, my question is - what tool would you like to have for yourself?

Maybe let's create one? All together? I'm a developer, and I can build it, but since I'm a pro developer, but a newbie in marketing, I don't have that many useful ideas.
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    I would say the tools sometimes i lack is all the hard work i put in using free traffic is autmoated the process, i am currently using a ai tool its still early days with this tool, no optins from.

    i am fortunate in my business i have a great system and a really good email follow up series which is going into the inbox so all this sorted provided they opt in lol.

    The tools i think i lack is a really good automation process that actually works it would save a lot of time it is a great time to build a online business it is a combination of putting in the work with free traffic, and its great to have paid traffic including tools, but both are essential.

    the real tool is learning how to do email marketing.

    Lets build a online business by giving value and learning how to build a email list

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      Oh, that's an interesting point. Thank you! Yes, I'm also struggling with some automation, especially combined with AI
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    Well canva its more about photo editing and not so much about video editing
    Then renderforest its more for animation videos amd i think you should try invideo ,way more better

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    Ondre, a great way to come up with ideas is to look at what people are already using and then create a better version with more bells and whistles, OR a cheaper version (with more features or less features - up to you).

    So, if I were you, I would list the top 10 tools that I know people really love to use. Then I'd see if I can create something better with a similar or cheaper price point.

    Another thing you can do is to target foreign markets. Here's what I mean. Sometimes tools for US markets are way cheaper. Other times, they are way more expensive than what people in other parts of the world would like to pay. People want to use those tools but are unwilling or unable to pay for them. Create a similar one and make it cheaper. Then market it to other markets.

    Your unique selling proposition would be "this tool is as good as, or better than Popular Tool X but way cheaper".

    Richard Koch's book, Simplify, will shed more light on this for you.
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      Great answer, thank you, EnterIn!
      You're right, especially, bearing in mind that I don't then have to search for a market - it already exists if a tool is used.

      P.S. Yeah, I heard about this book, but haven't read it yet. I will
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    Finding and validating ideas for tools is not easy. Try to find a good problem to solve first, and then think about how you can automate the process
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  • Try Filmora for video editing and try different tools and bind with the tools the suits for you. it take time but need to.
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  • I need a good Youtube screen recorder recommendation. Along with the best kind of computer and operating system to run it on.
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      Thank you! I haven't heard about it, but checked it and it looks interesting. I'll try it.
      Do you use it?
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    bing image creator
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