New SPAM Problem

by Blase 6 replies

Recently I am getting spam with the "confirm" window popping

The one you send when you want someone to acknowledge
that you got their email.

This is another new pain in the _ _ _!

If you have any idea on how to block that from
popping up please let me know.

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    Your browser should be set to blocking all popups. That is how I do it.

    Consult with whoever makes your browser as to how to set this.
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      I am not talking about mt browser.
      I am talking about my email client.
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    Is it popping up because you're opening it or because you have a "reading/viewing pane" in your e-mail client? If it's the latter, remove the reading/viewing pane from your e-mail client. (And if you're opening it, well.... don't! ;-) )

    There *may* also be a setting in your e-mail client that says to never confirm receipt and to not ask you about it...

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    What email reader are you using?
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    If you use the Google toolbar and hover over the popup blocker, you can see it is a site by site basis. So you can block some sites and not others.

    For instance I block pops in Gmail but in the Warrior Forum I allow them so I can get notice of my PMs.

    As well IE7 has a pop-up blocker and so might your anti-virus/security software suite. LOL with all 3 on I still get a few pop-ups.
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