Is there a tool to find the best `Latent Semantic keywords` for my site ?

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Hi guys,
Can anybody tell me the best way to find out what google considers the Latent Semantic Index keywords for my main keyword and site ??

Cheers Jim
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    IMO, LSI is basically a myth. It is, as far as I am concerned, a waste of time.

    Watch this video:

    Warning – “Advanced” SEO Technique DOES NOT WORK | StomperNet
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    Hey steven..

    Bad advice here, it is not a myth and it will hurt you with this type of thinking and you may have already discovered a flaw in your thinking here, so others here warning look further into this before following this advice.
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    Your brain

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      The method I use to unearth LSI keywords is to simply go to Google Search and begin entering the main keyword in the search box. Watch below; as you type, Google will start suggesting recent searches it believes match what you are typing. Some of these can be gems.

      To take this strategy a step further, again in Google Search, type your main keyword followed by a space, and the letter a, then b, then c, etc., etc.

      This unearths some great LSI keywords, all of which have been searched recently on Google.
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    Originally Posted by jimkirk1943 View Post

    Hi guys,
    Can anybody tell me the best way to find out what google considers the Latent Semantic Index keywords for my main keyword and site ??

    Cheers Jim
    The priciest I've tried is Krakken from ThemeZoom.

    Theme Zoom -- Home of The Krakken? (non-affiliate link)

    The one I like best is KeyFuse.

    Keyfuse | Professional Niche Keyword Research (non-affiliate link)

    The one that's free is Google's "Related Keywords" search tool.


    Type in your search term. On the sidebar of the SERP, you'll
    see "All results" and below it "Related searches". Click it.

    You'll get a list of related search terms.

    Hope this helps.

    All success
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      Web Content Studio (Web Content Studio) is the only tool I know of that tells you exactly which theme words are currently ranking highest in Google for any given keyword/keyword phrase.

      It doesn't give you related searches or synonyms, per se, it just tells you all the theme words surrounding a keyword/keyword phrase that Google likes best at the current time.

      It will return hundreds of them. Some will be much more relevant than others, which allows you to pare them down to 35 to 50 or so to use in an article.

      The program is not cheap (and the above link is not an affiliate link either), but it is the best tool for finding true LSI, or theme words, that I have found to date. There are also two free PDFs you can download from that page, which are well worth reading, by the way.

      I hope this helps.

      Write System - superior web content
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    I like to use this free tool:

    Latent Semantic Indexing

    It searches Google and gives the number of occurrences of 1,2,3 word keyword phrases.
    Living the internet lifestyle!
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    well, i also want to find this kind of tool.
    is there any help?
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