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Hey I got some marketing materials from several companies that had my name printed on like a sticky note inside the package but it looked like it was written in actual hand writing by a person and it even had my name on it.. I have heard that there is a place that does this and can even use your own hand writing to do it.. so you can mail to your actual direct mail list like that as well and include something personalized in hand writing... Does anyone here know the source or any companies who do this? I have been looking and looking but have had no luck!

thanks for any advise you can throw my way!
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    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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    Thanks for the headsup on vista print, maybe I was not clear on what I was looking for, if not let me try to explain this a bit better, what i was actually looking for is a company to print one single sticky note that says Hey *SubscribersName* , thank you for ordering my dvd course... To your success, *Marketers Signature*

    of course replacing marketers signature and subscribers name with the appropriate names :-) it dont even have to be a sticky note maybe a letter with the customers name written on it in handwriting looking print, I think Russel brunson did this one time but not totally sure been so long I cant remember..

    I would like a place that will drop ship each to each individual customer to if possible for me but if not just a provider who does the printing based on a list of customer names that i could give them to go from would be great!

    anyways hope this explained it a bit better as to what I am looking for!
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