Embedded Youtube Videos - A Magic Bullet?

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Anyways, enough of the ADD hahah.

I know that embedding youtube videos on related
topics will increase ranking of your webpages, but
my question is related to the opposite scenario.
Would having your youtube video embedded on
a lot of websites increase the ranking of your
youtube video within the organic searches of the
Youtube website itself? Whether it be in...

(1) A bunch of independent websites?
(2) A single website by a lot of members?

I was discussing this with a fellow youtuber the
other day, and he believed so but I couldn't find
any search pages on google to truly validate his

Any comments would be greatly appreciated

Just my .02
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    If you notice within the 'Statistics' tab on YouTube, it shows a list of the websites that are linking to that particular video.

    I'm not sure, but my gut instinct tells me that if a video has a great deal of websites linking to it, it increases the ranking in some way.

    Anyone else have any info on this?

    - Jared

    P.S. Xepa, All bold is very hard to read!


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      It's worth it to stand out more in the clutter of posts,
      especially in multi-page threads Only 100 posts on
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        hmm... I am a bit skeptical here. Why would embedding a You Tube video increase the ranking of a give page? I am not sure I follow the logic here..
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          1. Embedding a YouTube video on a page on your website will almost certainly get that page indexed on Google (now there's a neat trick!).

          2. Embedding a YouTube video on multiple pages on your website would probably increase the number of views (if you had some traffic to those pages) thus potentially increasing the YouTube ranking for that video.

          I don't think it's going to help the Google rankings of any of those pages though (unless embedding the video results in a pile of related sites linking to your pages).

          Kindest regards,
          Andrew Cavanagh
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            2 years ago I proved this conclusively with video.google.com

            e.g put up many videos with the same niches as titles.. put tons of backlinks to some of them. and left the others alone.

            the videos I provided a lot of backlinks to, ranked VERY well in video.google.com

            and the results was over 14 million video views in video.google.com in about 8 months.

            though this was before they included videos from other directories and combined with youtube..

            I havent had the time to repeat this test in youtube as yet.


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