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Following up with another question about website flipping or building websites to sell...

One of the options I consider is creating ebooks, courses, and of course, articles on the websites I plan to sell.

I know that a lot of "professional flippers" have been using AI generated or PLR content. Who do you claim to be the author of these materials? Some fake persona? Yourself? No one (just part of the site as a brand)?

What happens when the site is sold? Do buyers care that the content is not tied to a specific author name? Do they usually change the author name to whoever they choose or do they tend to keep the persona you created, or your own name?

Maybe I'm trying to nitpick something that doesn't really matter, but I want to make the right decisions right off the bat so I don't regret later...

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    if you are posting content (i.e., articles) on a site you've don't need to have a 'author name'. Some use a name but if you plan to sell the site, not necessary.

    However, if you are selling my view, you need to be open and honest about the site content. If you wrote it yourself - you can claim unique content.

    If you used PLR or A.I. - I think you should disclose that to potential buyers. I'm sure it's not always disclosed but it doesn't take much to ruin a reputation online.
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      Originally Posted by Nidhibng View Post

      There are several "professional flippers" who use AI generated content or PLR content. Could you please tell me who you claim to be the author of these materials? Someone pretending to be you? How about you? The site is just a part of a brand, no one in particular
      That was my question! LOL That's what I'm wondering because, although I could just add the content as part of a brand, that's not what we usually see around. We see articles, ebooks, ecourses with author names on them, so if the content was produced by AI, ghost writers or even yourself but with the intent of later selling the site, who do you attribute the content to? Some fake persona that the buyer will later take over and can do whatever with?
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    just create a fake persona that reflects your chosen market. As long as you are doing that in a way that generates genuine value and you are congruent with that - i don't see a problem with using a persona.
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