Can anyone recommend good tracking software?

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Actually software OR script would be great!

I've been searching for a software or script that will give me detailed information on my website visitors, and that won't put me in the poor house. I'd like to have something pretty robust, as I'm making some aggressive moves here before Christmas.

I was searching on G.oogle, but there really aren't that many great listings there. I was pretty surprised! Hmm, maybe I need to build a niche site, lol.

Thanks in advance to everyone that offers me some suggestions - even their own software, script or service for me to check out.

I wasn't sure where to put this request, so mods, please forgive me if'n I've put this in the wrong area.

Again, thanks to all that offer me some ideas!

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    Oh, I DID find a FEW suggestions here! My first search of the forums didn't really show anything. I can still use any NEW or 'tried and true' product suggestions. I really need to get something right away.

    Thanks again everyone!

    One last thing - Although I understand SEO fairly well, I don't want something that's got a manual about as boring as the one M.icrosoft sends with your computer, ha-ha. I'm afraid I'll have an "A.D.D. moment" if I have to wade through a bunch of complicated instructions to get up and running.

    Thanks for taking my mental 'UN' aptitude into consideration.
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    Originally Posted by tommygunn View Post

    What kind of visitor details are you looking for? Do you have AwStats with your hosting?
    Uh, I don't know, nor do I know what that is or what it supplies in the way of info.
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      Check out Tracking202 they have a ton of really awesome scripts and services.

      - Tommy

      - Meet Tommy Bussey -

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    Google Analytics?

    Or you can try a script called Prosper 202.
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    if your site is large content site go with google analytics, however if you are using mini niche sites promoting affiliate products or your own - try affiliate prophet.
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    Google Analytics - LOL. I actually forgot about them!

    The Tracker202 is looking pretty good. I still hope to find something that will tell me very precise information, such as what point a person stopped reading a page, split-testing, etc. I don't use Adwords, and have no current plans to do so, so I need more information on tracking various types of advertising, social bookmarking, squidoo, and the like.

    THANKS for your ideas! I'm looking into everything that might work for me.

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    Thanks for all the great ideas! I forgot I have a couple of scripts that I've bought, so I'm going to check out their capabilities, and see if Google Analytics will work for me.

    I appreciate your taking the time to help me out!

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  • Prosper202 or Tracking202 all the way.
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