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Yesterday a thread on article marketing I asked a question on how I would be able to generate numerous articles for article marketing on a Clickbank type product and now I understand that much better.

Another post in that thread mentioned contacting the author to get a review copy of the item so it could be read for possible promotion purposes, which would be important to be able to write the articles.

I talked today with a fellow who has done some copy for me in the past and asked him abou it and he and I came to an agreement for him to write some articles for me. I would write them myself but the purpose of this is to be successful, not to waste my time writing articles no one would want to read. And then the question arises, how does one find and contact the publisher to try and get such a review copy? I have checked and many times the publisher does not make their contact information available and more times than not the whois information is private and the few times I have sent a message to the email address listed, never have I received a reply. Obviously what ever problem I had with the web site was not important enough to respond.

So, how does one get to communicae with the publisher and how does one convince them to part with a review copy. I could make three or four, maybe more sites a week being a broke down crippled old man, if I could get enough products to review. As long as I could keep generating revenue from them, I can keep paying for articles to be written. This could be a never ending story if I did it right. But seriously, I got nothing better to do. And I am tired of sitting on my a**. I never liked having a job all that much, most of the time. But now I can't work I do tend to get board. I wish I had found this internet marketing a few years ago before most of my savings got eaten up.

Anyway, I appreciate any help anyone can share with me on this.
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    Most established publishers have a method of contacting
    them on their website. If you are unable to find contact
    information, and if you feel you can't push the product
    without it, all you can do is move on to the next item.

    When you do make contact, simply state that you are a
    serious affiliate marketer, perhaps provide some links to
    other products you're already promoting, and politely ask
    for a review copy.
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    Originally Posted by timpears View Post

    So, how does one get to communicae with the publisher and how does one convince them to part with a review copy. I could make three or four, maybe more sites a week being a broke down crippled old man, if I could get enough products to review.
    If there's no way to contact them via the site, I'd move on. How are customers supposed to get support? I also consider the private whois to be a red flag (especially when there is no contact info on the site)- what are they hiding? Normal businesses don't hide their contact info from the public.

    When you do contact them, give them a reason why they should bother giving you a free product. As in who are you, what's your site, why do you deserve a freebie? Do you have a list of a certain size or a site that gets X amount of traffic, or what?

    If you don't have credibility like that, just buy the product.

    I get so many emails that basically say "Give me your product free" with no good reason why I should (beyond the hint that they might promote it)- those get deleted unanswered. Some of them don't even include the person's full name.

    It's funny- the affiliates who actually make sales never seem to ask for freebies. And sometimes big names who could have easily gotten a freebie will buy the product.
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      Thanks Chris. I am thinking short term here, but your post made so much sense to me in the long run. All I need to do is start this plan with a product or two, which I already have bought even. As I get it working well the money will not matter that much as I will be able to afford the products. And when it is a roaring success publishers will be contacting me and if I see a product I like that I want to promote I will just buy it.

      Sure getting the products for free makes sense, but in the whole picture it is such a small part it isn't really worth worrying about. Right now I have cash flow problems so it is front and center. So I need to stop worrying about problems and work on solutions.

      Thank you, you made it so much more clear. I appreciate you getting me back on track.

      Tim Pears

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        Aside of all the comments already made on this issue - my understanding of the internet is that it is actually illegal to put up a webite without contact / publisher / privacy policy / terms and conditions / etc - otherwise you are leaving yourself wide open to the internet monitoring justice systems of the world - especially in the 21st century of instant litigation?
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