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Hello Warriors,

I started to compile this in a report and sell it for around 7 bucks with plr but thought I would just make a post out of it to contribute to the warriors forum!

So what I would really like to do here is lets try to keep this list growing... anyone who has tips or other versions of tips mentioned in this list please post them in a reply lets see how big of a traffic tactics list we can all create together :-)

Here is a list that I will start this thread out with this list consist of 50 best ways of snaring eyeballs and pulling in traffic.

1. Write high-quality, original and informative articles and distribute them to reprint directories, and don’t forget to add a resource box at the end of the article that points back to your site. Just Google the term “submit articles software”; find a great software and buy it, it will submit your article to thousands of reprint directories.

2. Author a killer press release and distribute it to online press release distribution websites. Remember to link back to your web page here too. You can find a list of PR distribution sites here 20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites - Mashable and here: Free Press Release sites

3. Submit your website to all the top web directories. You can find a list here: Top Web Directory List - Directories Rated by Inbound Link Quality - ILQ

4. Strategically incorporate relevant keywords in all your content – hosted as well as distributed content. Don’t pay for keyword research, you can use these free sites: and Overture (Yahoo!) Keyword Suggestion Tool

5. Visit blogs that are relevant to your website and leave useful comments; of course, for further information they will have to click on your website, so don’t forget to include a link back.

6. If you are selling a product, sign up with an affiliate network such as or and invite web publishers to sell your product. That way you can increase both sales and eyeballs.

7. Visit forums (not just any, but those that are highly regarded) that are relevant to your website and reply informatively and authoritatively to posts. Don’t forget to include a link in your signature.

8. Create a special interest bulletin board that revolves around your website. Keep creating interesting posts and invite people from other bulletin boards over to join yours.

9. Always keep plugging in new and useful content on your website.

10. Bookmark your website on social bookmark pages that carry links to similar sites as yours.

11. Ask your programmer to add tags in your content (header tags, image tags, etc.)

12. If possible, create an e-book out of content you have already generated and distribute it free.

13. Visit, check for products similar to yours and comment on them. Leave a link to your own website in the comment. You know what to write on a competitor’s product, don’t you? ?

14. If you need international exposure, then opt to translate your site into the language/s pertaining to your targeted demographics.

15. Oh yeah, no grammatical errors in any of your hosted or distributed content, please.

16. Heard about Google Bowling? Well, it can be used by your competitor to sabotage your content. He will add your link to a notorious link farm and add some horrible anchor text and BAM! – your website is blacklisted by search engines! There’s some programming required to fight Google Bowling – talk to your programmer about it.

17. Exchange links with quality sites, particularly government sites. Your PageRank will go through the roof.

18. Sell something on eBay with the intention of donating the proceeds to a charity institution. All charity institutions will then link back to your website.

19. Host a wacky, mad contest on your website. The giveaways won’t pinch as you will be giving away your own products as prizes.

20. Develop useful, small software tools and give them away free.

21. Cultivate contacts with webmasters and online editors.

22. Create a debate-webinar (video) about a topic of interest. Make a couple of experts talk about an interesting issue and post it on your website, and nowhere else. It can be a live event if you can manage it.

23. Give away a limited number of free tees with your logo on them.

24. Publish a newsletter. Try to make all your contacts join it. There’s nothing like having a database.

25. Create a series of “Tips and tricks” features and publish them in list form.

26. Invest some money in PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. Write very catchy ads that bring your site into the limelight.

27. Host a page on a reputed social networking website and make it entertaining and have it linked back to your website.

28. Never ever spam or perform black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

29. Try to get a link from a trade institution such as a Chamber of Commerce or Federation of Industry.

30. Your domain name must be short and sweet – something that can be easily recalled.

31. Your anchor text must be razor sharp. It must hook the reader right away.

32. Create a buzz around your product/website on social networking and social bookmarking sites.

33. Focus on quality of your content, not the quantity.

34. Post an advertisement on Craigslist and offer a freebie. Watch the traffic swarm in.

35. If you have a product to hawk, then register at eBay and create a sales page. The place is buzzing will so many buyers and you never know your product may turn out to be a sleeper hit.

36. Search engine algorithms keep changing and Web 3.0 and the age of artificial intelligence are upon us. Keep tabs on the latest developments and alter your marketing processes accordingly.

37. Syndicate your content – via RSS feeds or by signing up with a content syndication website.

38. Join Google and Yahoo groups that are relevant to your website and post helpful hints or leads on them.

39. Create a sitemap and include a link to it on your website. A sitemap makes for good SEO.

40. Email marketing is a very effective medium. If you are running an email marketing campaign, strengthen it; if you are not, then start one.

41. Benchmark your competitors’ marketing campaign and then check to see if yours is as effective. If not, it’s time to sharpen it.

42. Involve and engage visitors on your website. Add interactive tools such as forms, surveys, polls, contests, games and whatever it takes to keep your visitors happy and have them talking about you.

43. Web visitors love humor – write snappy, peppy, humorous content in a relevant way, without forgetting to add in the information and keywords required.

44. Your site must feature simple navigation and no broken links – mistakes and complicated navigation puts visitors off.

45. Don’t use frames and javascript as these technologies are not SEO-friendly.

46. Create a podcast (a multimedia program) filled with helpful information and send it to podcast directories.

47. Create a relevant, useful yet snappy video and upload it on video websites such as YouTube, Flickr, etc.

48. Review websites (that have similar content as yours) on Alexa.

49. Put in some marketing efforts offline too – put up posters in the local supermarket, give away freebies, speak at functions or at seminars, etc.

50. Finally, always keep tabs on what traffic-generation process works best for your site and focus on that.
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    Market offline in Industry trade magazines and card decks. Utilize payperclick. Advertise on bloggs that are in the top 10 on the search engine such as google and yahoo. Use direct mail postcards to drive prospects to your website.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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      Naruq, great tip... thanks for contributing to the list

      Keep em' coming guys!
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    Cool List
    The more different traffic sources you use, the stronger your business model becomes.
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