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by Dr3a
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So I'm just wanting to know what are some alternatives to ClickBank?...I have no idea where to look so asking you guys!
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  • There are a lot of posts discussing this so you may want to use the forum search for more information.

    What are you trying to sell? Give a little more information about what you need, and someone may be able to help you with some ideas.

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    ShareASale, Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy - they all have affiliate programs. As Mark Singletary indicated, there are tons of them out there but some will work for you and some will not, all depending what you are trying to market.
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    Well related networks are jvzoo ,warriorplus ,digistore
    Best of luck
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    I think i understand why you are asking this, its not for reasons that clickbank isnt a great vendor because it is they pay out lots of commisions per week, and they are very trustworthy, and i think they still provide great training the last time i checked they had the clickbank university i havent tried it, but i heard it is a very good platform.
    But as i say i understand why people want alternatives due to they have restrictions in place on certain countries that are banned, i am not sure the reasons behind this, but i do know they have been in place for a while which is very frustrating for a lot of people.
    We have a program and people are willing to pay money but cant accept them into the program because we pay using clickbank processor so its not good but clickbank is the best option at the moment.
    But something i have found which is almost as good as clickbank is digi 24 store, and a lot of the products on clickbank are on digi 24 store too, and the good thing about, or the best thing is you can accepted world wide, and as far as i know they is no restrictions, or any banned countries list
    Like clickbank you apply for an account, and they will accept you, and can promote many of the products and just put in your payment details and that is it, i hope this helps you, thanks for sharing this question today it was a good one.

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  • 1. Clickbank
    2. Amazon associates network
    3. Shareasale
    5. Maxbounty
    6. Peerfly
    7. JVZoo

    And tons of others, but these are some of the major players in the space to get you started at least.
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    Rakuten Marketing.
    Market Health.
    eBay Partner Network.
    Amazon Associates.
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