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Hi, I'm looking for the definitive works (e-books and videos) on using Facebook as an effective marketing tool along with any ad-ons, plugins, apps etc which may be useful to have on Facebook and will allow me to fully automate the processes.

A stand alone package which does everything would be ideal rather than a number of individual apps each doing a different aspect of the processes/automation - TOO much work man!!

Free and low cost stuff preferred but I'll consider paid for stuff if it's excellent material and value for money!

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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    You should not be thinking about using web 2.0 social platforms as your marketing platform. You can waste money on ebooks, reports, and etc .. But any social platform was created for the sole purpose of being social with others and not to be used as a marketing platform.

    Let me save you a great deal of money and time...

    Join a social network, create your profile, invite "related" friends, socialize and communicate with those friends (do not market to them), build up a trust with those friends, play games with those friends, share helpful tips with those friends, join their groups they invite you to... In other words be social.

    It's that simple, if you build your social profile with the intent to actually build a following "without expecting anything in return (ie: sales)" then you will have yourself a winner.

    Most people on social networks are not looking to be sold to and are not wanting your to "market" to them. It is a social network and as such should be used as one.

    Nothing wrong with plugging your url's and etc every so often but do not use the social platform by expecting to make a bunch of sales. Give away information for free, help others without expecting anything in return, a friend ask questions help them without marketing to them...

    It really is this simple, do not think of a social network as your marketing platfom. If you do then you may be very disappointed in your results and market to much you may find your account banned.

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