is creating your own article directory a good idea?

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im just wondering weather using a free script to make your own article directory is worth it?

there are thousands of article directories now, is it a flooded area of internet income?

the ideas simple and easy to implement, but because of this i fear it is now pointless to try.

am i right? or should i look deeper into this idea?

Ps used search and found nothing about setting up ur own directory.
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    I wouldn't say it's impossible, but I would imagine that you would have to have something unique that you could offer people. The internet is littered with the remnants of failed article sites. Some have been deserted by their owners, some have been removed, and others have been hacked and remain that way.

    It would be like trying to start your own forum. Most fail because they are unable to get sufficient momentum going.

    If you succeed with an article site, I'm sure it can be quite lucrative.

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      If you decide you want to try this, don't try to be "the next", with thousands of articles in hundreds of niches. Even if you could build it, Chris Knight has a huge head start on you.

      You might make it work if you could niche it tightly enough to make it an authority destination for the niche. If you want it to offer value for the visitors, you'll want to keep a tight hold on the quality level - in spite of the inevitable whining of "article marketers" who only want you to provide free hosting and a backlink for the garbage they spew.

      Do it right, and you could have a valuable vehicle for selling ads and making affiliate offers. Do it wrong, and it will be another abandoned web property at best and a real nightmare at worst.
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      I've considered experimenting with something like this. I'm always looking for more automatic (or at least semi-automatic) streams of revenue. Starting an article directory is something that could potentially take on a life of it's own over time, but it would require some consistent work up front to establish yourself in a crowded market.

      You may want to try a smaller article directory for a particular niche, so that you are a bigger fish in a smaller pond. So, for example, you could try opening up an article directory for psychotherapists, or hypnotherapists, or fitness experts (trainers, diet counselors, etc).

      Then, you could focus your efforts on visiting the forums and blogs where those particular people congregate and drop in some comments about the new FREE service you are offering to experts in that profession.

      You will probably need to seed the article directory with PLR or (better yet) 100% original articles, to get things rolling... but, hopefully your efforts to spread the word will begin to gain traction and it will eventually take on a life of its own.

      You would want to screen the material that goes in, to ensure that you are not letting a bunch of junk (badly spun articles) onto your site. After it starts gaining some momentum, you could then monetize with adsense (or something similar), and then outsource the article screening process to someone else (if you could do so affordably).

      At that point the entire thing would be automatic to some degree, and would require very little effort on your part aside from overseeing the entire thing and looking for additional ways to monetize the blog without degrading the client experience.

      I'm currently taking MASSIVE action...

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    I agree going the niche route is the way to go if you decide to do it. Being late to the game in an area often means the key to success in it is by narrowing the focus down.
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    If you do I highly suggest getting a custom built site and not use one of those free scripts or cheap scripts. Reason why is many changes are going on right now with technology that many do not know about. There will be many article directories that will not upgrade with technology and be left behind.

    If you are planning on a regular everyday run of the mill article directory then you are going to have a very hard time to see any profit from it. Adsense farms are getting old and many authors will be changing the way they do article marketing very soon.

    This is why I suggest you go custom built and have more features and functions built into the sites that others do not have.

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