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My name is christina and I am in Financial trouble

I am trying to pay my way through school and Now I have a negative balance that needs to be paid in less than 7 days or it will result in more fees and I will not receive a paycheck for 12 more days. I also ghostwrite on the side

My pay pal account is negative $150 usd because of a declined payment that went through a month later

In return for the money I will write 30 articles for anyone willing to help. in exchange for the $150

I am good at researching keywords and can provide high quality articles in any niche.

I will email you the articles as I write them and you can ask me to edit and revise them as needed.

I can provide you with a list of keywords I will use or you can supply your own.

The list of keywords will have the monthly total searches provided with them and you can choose which keywords you would like to use.

Please help me.

I will add much value to your readers.

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