How many 'make money on-line' products you purchased?

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    Wow, where do I start. Over the years Tons. Buying a Mike Filsaime Product, seems to be a rite of knows how to market.
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    Nothing really fell into place for me until I bought Don Lapre's classified ads course. Not that I did anything with it, but I have to say I wouldn't ever have accomplished anything without it.

    No, that's not a joke! Seriously! Don Lapre really isn't the scammer everyone thinks he is!
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Aww crap! I said none, but I just realized I bought an ebook years ago for $7. I remember inside it contained one foolproof method to make money online: resell that same ebook for $7. That was long before I knew diddly about selling anything anywhere but ebay. I remember being kinda pissed that that's all it told you, but realizing later that it was rather ingenious...

    And Darklock, I kinda like your hairdoo...

    “Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.” -Author Unknown

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    0 except for my membership to the War Room. And I got a lot of free things in there =)
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    I spent too much money for different informational products. I can count it in hundreds.

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    Do you mean tools or information products?
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      Thanks Guys!

      I am mainly thinking info products.

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    LOTS of info products over the years. Most of them, from here.
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      When I was getting started, tons.

      More recently, very few. And the few I do buy tend to be focused on very specific subjects - tutorials on doing specific tasks or using specific tools more effectively.

      After awhile it sinks in - the one and only secret is to find out what people with money want to buy and then find a way to sell it to them at a profit. Once that is ingrained, the rest is just mechanics.
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    I buy them all the time to get ideas. I have rarely found something I can't take 1 thing away from. It's like cheap education.
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    6... One membership, two e-books, and three "trick-me-grab-$$-&-More-$$" schemes.

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    I'm kinda of embarrased to say it, but I voted more than 20...I purchased A LOT of products when I first started. If I could start over...I would purchase traffic not make money online products.
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    I agree that there's usually something to take away from every new product. I don't usually buy them though, maybe 5-10 over the years? Sometimes I'll buy something just because of curiosity.
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      Thanks Guys. I also aked around on a couople of memberhip forums I'm on and the results are very similar.

      I think in my early 'internet' career, I was looking for the 'silver bullet' but there is no such thing.

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    I've bought about 5 - burned because I didn't do my due research. Just had the newbie blind rush thing happening. Have devised a new method where I wait about 3 - 7 days to see if I'm still hankering to buy it.

    If I am, then I will scrutinize the sales letter to see if I really should get it but I realize most of the time, I don't see the need to buy anymore. I've learned to make use of what I already have. I'm more settled now :-)

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    great poll here!!!

    Never thought of that...
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    Too many!

    At least now I don't even look at it if it has:
    A fast car
    A pretty girl (or hunky guy)
    a big house
    an expensive boat
    money falling from the sky like manna from Heaven
    or a testimonial like: "how back woods hillbilly made x dollars his 1st x time on the internet."

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