Where Do I Go From Here? Need Your Help...

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I've been teaching myself IM (intensely) since Christmas Day 2007, the day I joined the WF...

I've learned alot in here and I've studied the free ebooks in the old forum, purchased a WSO here and there, and joined the War Room (probably my best move).

I have:

* a hosting account (Hostgator)
* domain name(s) (hosted above)
* experience with WordPress, ClickBank, multiple other affiliate programs
* numerous experimental blogs
* squidoo lenses
* published ezinearticles and others
* google analytics account

I know how to:

* use CPanel
* FTP (Filezilla)
* install and configure WordPress Manually, add Themes and Plugins
* work with SQL, permissions, etc.
* install my own autoresponder script and manage it
* create Squidoo lenses that generate revenue
* work with Traffic Exchanges and Opt-in Email marketing
* analyze my traffic with heat maps and video
* and a whole bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now...

I had some initial success with an Ebay product (thanks to Steve Mount) but this was about the time they were changing all the rules at a dizzying rate, so I had to suspend that campaign.

I've got a nice blog set up with a list coming along (hopefully 50 names by the time you read this) that should have been easy to monetize until I realized it was my 'passion' and I totally disagreed with all the Clickbank 'crap' that was available about it. Now I'm having to rethink that niche...

My Point Is ..."It's time to sh*t or get off the pot" as we say in the South (US). I'm unemployed and suddenly a full time caregiver for my elderly mother. If I can find employment outside the home, I've got to make enough money to pay a 'caregiver' and still provide for my own needs. Not a very likely scenario given the current economic conditions.

And YES, I've thought about doing a blog for adult caregivers...

What I need is a way to use what I've learned so far to generate a short-term income that will provide some extra income while I develop some of these ideas that I'm working on.

Any and all ideas will be appreciated,

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    I'll keep this brief.

    Take what you have + what you know +

    GET TO WORK doing something!!!
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      Concentrate on one area of Internet marketing that interest you and focus on that specific aspect until you make your first sale.

      After you make your first sale, duplicate this method that you use to make the first sale over and over again.

      Frank Bruno
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        Guess you know a lot of things, you got to be FOCUSED on what you do.

        Go for the product which you love and try to make a sale and make a lot of free advertisements for yr product.

        Do What You Love.....Love What You Do....
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    do better market research. pull 1000+ keywords on your niche. Take a really close look at what is really selling in that market. Visit many other sites in that niche. Contact some of the people selling in that niche to find out what is really selling.

    Present a unique point of view in that market with the types of products that you know are selling well.

    I heard this today on blog talk radio from Willie Crawford. A detailed discussion on getting an income stream goiing quickly. Internet Radio, Citizen Broadcasting, Social Media Podcasts - Blog Talk Radio Highly recommended. He speaks directly to your question.
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    Can't emphasize enough the lesson you've probably heard on the forums here many times: pick something and get to work. Pick a niche, grab a bunch of keywords and just start writing. Then write some more. Then keep writing. Don't worry if you don't get a sale right away. Keep going.

    Find the thread about Tiffany's 30 day article writing challenge and join in. Post at least one article every single day, more if you have a lot of time. Don't worry about the results, just keep doing it. The #1 newbie mistake is to dabble. Don't dabble. Jump in and keep going for 30 days. Then you can check your results.
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