How to save time on the new board.

by John Rowe 5 replies

Here's a tip on how you can save some time in the new forum if you'd like.

If you're like me, when you come to the board, you click on the "new posts" tab up above so you can more quickly find only those posts that are new or newly updated since your previous visit. It's a great little button, but you can make it even better.

Right-click on it. Then copy the link location and add it to your bookmarks toolbar so it's always in plain sight when you open your browser.

Now when you want to come to the warrior board, you simply click the bookmark and only the new and newly updated posts appear in front of you.

Now, look up again and you'll see another link called "quick links". When you click that, you'll see an option in the drop-down list that says "Mark forums read". If you click that, it will mark every post in the entire forum as if you read it.

Right-click on that and add it to your bookmarks toolbar too so it's always in plain sight.

Now, here is what I do...

Every time I'm about to leave the forum I click the bookmark that marks all forum posts read. Then when I come back, I come back via the bookmark for new posts only.

By doing this, every time I leave the forum and then come back later, I'm only seeing those posts that are new or newly updated. To me, it helps cut down the overload.

Hope that made enough sense that you might benefit from it.


PS - The only thing that would make it better would be if I could eliminate some of the forums from showing up. For example the off-topic forum or whichever forum you don't usually frequent.

If somebody out there knows how to do that, I'd be grateful to learn how. I might even start another thread asking how.
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